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Halloween 2016

Another halloween in the books! And I have to give Eric credit, he spent a ton of time on Nora’s little old lady costume, he even sewed her skirt! 

It was a bit of a challenge getting Nora to wear the wig, and she insisted on carrying our hand-soap around the neighborhood, but all in all, it was a success, even if she completely refused to wear the pearls and glasses around her neck once we got outside. And she probably didn’t understand why we were traveling the neighborhood after dark (a new experience for her) but she trotted along, treat bag over her shoulder purse style! 

Did I mention I was a mess? For starters, I didn’t shower today, as I took the one opportunity while the girls were both napping to sleep myself… Trick-or-treating here was from 6-8pm, and at 6:10pm, Eric still wasn’t home from work. Apparently he had a case added on to the end of his day. Who adds a case on Halloween?? Normally we are getting Nora ready for bed around 6:30pm, and since she refused her afternoon nap today, well, you can guess how she was acting as we waited for daddy to arrive home. I had started getting her in her costume, and was feeding her snacks, as we had a really late lunch, but with Nadia crying for food as well, I was slowly losing it. The day felt long and I was tired and I just wanted Eric home to help. And I really didn’t want Nora to miss her first trick-or-treating experience. Even if she’ll never remember it.

Speaking of Nadia wanting to eat… Today I decided to give her a milk-free formula, just to see how she would respond. And people, I swear she cried way less. As in, no screaming. She still fussed some, and still grunted like she does, acting like she was trying to poop while eating, which never works for babies, but really no screaming. She even seemed quite happy as I changed her diaper, which is sometimes the worst for her. And she seemed to fall back to sleep fairly quickly after eating, meaning I didn’t have to calm her down. The formula I gave her was Similac Alimentum, which is apparently meant for babies with milk allergies. Anyone have experience with it? And maybe it was all in my head, or a coincidence, I don’t know… I guess I need to talk to her doctor this week and see what they think. 

My plan was to keep giving Nadia the formula overnight, which is normally her fussiest time, and then try nursing her again in the morning to see if there is a change in her behavior. Maybe 12 hours of this formula isn’t enough to notice a difference anyway… We’ll see I guess. And nothing against formula, I know plenty of healthy, happy, smart kids who are raised on formula, but with Nadia a preemie, well, I guess I was so planning on giving her breastmilk, however she got it, so I’m a little sad to even be thinking of formula. Maybe I just need her doctor to help me figure out what is making her so upset. And maybe formula isn’t the answer, or maybe it is. I just don’t want to think she is in pain and uncomfortable every time she eats. I’ll let you know how the night and morning go… wish us luck for sleep!

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  1. Her costume is adorable!! And I hope your doctor can help you figure out the milk stuff, it sounds like a stress that wouldn’t be pleasant at all!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It is very stressful…

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