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I fed Nadia the milk-free formula at her midnight and 2am feedings. She cried. At 4am I gave her a bottle of breast milk. It’s 6:15am and she is just now settling down. 

Remind me of this in a few years when I think I can handle more children…  I love these girls so much, but raising them is hard!

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  1. Sounds like she might have reflux. Also, from your previous post about your milk spraying, mine did that and it pissed Abbie off to no end. She liked bottles better because they were slower. I had to almost EP from months 2-4 until she could handle the fast flow (then she loved that she could get her milk fast). I’m not sure what I will do next time to prevent it!

    1. Sometimes I feel like Nadia will empty one breast in five minutes since my milk comes so fast. Is that possible??

      1. My boobs always emptied that fast! It’s called overactive letdown if you want to google tips. It ended up being good for us in the end(fast easy feeding!) but was super rough at the beginning.

  2. Oliver had the dairy protein allergy. He ended up going on prescription formula. Prior to that, it was- feed him, he’d cry for what felt like hours, sleep for a bit, while being held, then wake hungry to do it again. It took a few days on the formula to get all sorted out. And it was trial and error. First trying all the standard dairy free formulas. He was a different baby after we got him all settled.
    I hope things calm down.

    1. Is there a test for it, or just trial and error with feeding?

      1. They tested his poop. I just took a sample to the peds office. They tested it there, we knew within minutes.

        1. Ah… well I have plenty of her poop to go around!

      2. It was trial and error finding a formula that he could tolerate.

  3. I would talk to your doctor about reflux! I also had an overactive letdown and struggled to latch for a long time – I wish I had tried more positions initially. If you can have an LC come to your home I feel like they can definitely help you with this!

    And PS – NO shame in a babysitter to help you out at home. You have two REALLY little children.

    1. So bonus of being admitted to the hospital, our nurse is actually a LC so I’ve been asking her a bunch of questions!

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