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Catching Up

Catching up, again. The new story of my life. Never enough time. Always doing things at the last minute. Always feeling behind. I’m guessing this is just part of adjusting to an additional child.

First, a few pictures!

Yes, I’m finally caught up on weekly pictures. And can you believe Nadia will be 12 weeks this coming Tuesday? And Nora will be 20 months in a few days?? It really does feel like just yesterday that Nora was born. And now we have another. I guess everyone is right, the days feel long, but the years are short.

I’m still waiting on more of Nadia’s newborn pictures, here is the only one I have so far…

I loved so many from our session, it was really hard to pick. And expensive. If I was smart I would have been a photographer. Pretty sure the girl we go to is rolling in cash. Is it too late for a career change?

It’s been a little over a week since Nadia started on Prevacid for her acid reflux. And I’m happy to report she is a much, much happier baby! She eats, sleeps, and poops, pretty much how I remember Nora. Her awake times are lengthening, slowly, but for the most part, I feed her, and she goes back to sleep, day and night.

Well, until tonight…

Our pediatrician told me to add dairy back into my diet this week. So today I had a bit of shredded cheese on a salad, and a macaroni salad that contained milk and cheese. I ate those around 2pm, fed Nadia around 3pm and 6pm, and she started fussing shortly after. Coincidence? Would the dairy I ate bother her that quickly? It took me two hours to calm her… Which sucks. And it sucks my diet might need to be quite limited for some time. Especially with the holidays approaching. I know, that sounds very selfish of me. But half the fun of the holidays, in my opinion, is the food. So I’m obviously a little sad. I mean, I know it’s worth it for Nadia to feel good, but I’m still sad. I did ask our doctor if there was a test for a milk protein allergy, and she said just a colonoscopy. Ugh. But gosh, it sure would be nice to know if it really is the dairy upsetting her. Through all this, the only time she was still crying was about 5-10 minutes before each bowel movement. Her ‘I’m in pain’ scream, but the doctor said many babies cry before they poop, as the feeling of learning to poop can be uncomfortable for little ones. Does anyone else’s babies SCREAM when they poop?

Nadia is awake at the moment, but calm and appears to maybe be ready to drift into dreamland soon. So I should probably too. Eric is out of town tonight, back in his hometown as he has a meeting there early tomorrrow morning. Why you ask? Well, apparently he’s going to be doing some outreach there, as the city is hurting for Urologists… Tomorrow’s meeting is to view the proposed facility to make sure it’s fitting before they begin construction to revamp the space. I think initially they wanted Eric to see patients there once a week, but I think he decided once a month would be enough, as it’s a 90 minute drive each way, and he works late enough most nights as it is.

So being I’m alone here tonight, I pray both girls sleep well.

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  1. Those are the cutest photos!! 😊

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