Nora – 20 months (17 months adjusted)

I found a few pictures on my camera of Nora from July, and I seriously can’t believe how much she has changed… She looks so much more grown up to me now, she’s losing her baby-face. Kind of makes me sad, especially since Nadia might be my last baby.  More on that another time…

Nora is seriously a joy, always happy and smiling. Well, except when I’m feeding Nadia. During those times she is usually kicking Nadia’s head. 

We’re still working on eating with Nora. Her favorites are currently shells and cheese, chicken fries and McDonald’s fries. How many days in a row can she have shells and cheese for dinner?? I’m running out of ideas to try. And frankly, getting frustrated with spending so much time trying to be creative with her meals, which all end up on the floor for Kona. We’re still doing pediasure, and in a bottle, as she doesn’t like it in a sippy cup before naps and bedtime. I think part of a bottle is getting the snuggle time before bed. How and when do people end that? We read books and brush teeth, but then we still get her blanket and a bottle and snuggle… I feel like she’s too old for bottles, but I like the cuddle time as much as she does.

Since we brought Nadia home from the hospital, Nora is obsessed with dolls. She does everything with her dolls I do with Nadia. I’m amazed at how much Nora picks up just by watching me once… Such a smart little girl! She knows all her body parts, some animal noises, it’s so cute when she tells you what a kitty says, and will point out lots of items in her ‘100 first words’ book. Eric works with her a ton, and I feel bad I don’t, but lately I find I’m always trying to calm Nadia… Never enough time to give enough attention to both… 

Speaking of, Nadia needs calming…

6 thoughts on “Nora – 20 months (17 months adjusted)

  1. i tell patients we like them off the bottle by 15 months, to protect their teeth. at the very least need to brush after that last bottle. and honestly best way is cold turkey – because they are stubborn and will hold out otherwise :/


    1. Ugh, I know, we are way past 15 months. I need to just bite the bullet and not give Nora more bottles. But ugh, I feel like she isn’t getting nearly as much attention now since Nadia is here, so our snuggle time is one of the few moments it’s just her and I, and the bottle.

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  2. She does look so much more grown up! For what it’s worth the MT has spaghetti daily. Sometimes for breakfast and dinner. And the LP has shells on cheese a fair bit and a very limited repertoire of foods as an adult. I swore I would not raise children like that. But if I want the underweight one to eat I have to feed him spaghetti, eggs and mac and cheese pretty much 6 days a week. It kills me. But what do we do if the alternative is s hungry cranky kid who eats nothing or as near to nothing as possible?


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