The Plan

We’re still struggling with a fussy baby. And maybe Nadia is just going to be a fussy baby, but for the time being, we’re still trying to figure out why she screams like she’s in pain so often.

The plan now is to try a hypoallergenic formula, we’re currently using EleCare, which is an amino-acid based formula which virtually eliminates the possibility of allergies. Or so they tell me. We’re going to try this formula for a week, we’re on day two, and see if Nadia’s behavior changes. I’m terribly sad to switch to formula, so I want to make sure this is some sort of allergy before I officially quit breastfeeding… and so I’ll be pumping and I guess just freezing my milk for now. I have a lot already frozen, which I had been scalding for high lipase, but I think I’ll just freeze without scalding this week. I have no idea what I might be doing with this milk, and I feel stressed enough for time as it is…

One of the reasons I’m scared to switch to formula is because the hypoallergenic formulas seem to be all filler, since they obviously can’t contain milk products. A few people suggested I check into Hipp formula from Germany, as it’s ingredients seem so much healthier. I did order some and it should arrive on Monday. I’m super anxious to try it, hopefully it smells (and tastes) better than the EleCare!

I forgot how annoying it is to wash so many bottles everyday. I mean, we still use some for Nora, but gosh, a bottle every couple hours, it’s a lot of washing! Question to those of you who formula feed, how do you make formula on the go? Like on Monday when I go to Iowa City, I’ll be away from home with Nadia at least six hours. I think I have one of those little containers that I can pre-measure out at least three feedings worth of the powdered formula. I think I might even have two of those for six feedings. But then I have to take that many clean bottles?? And do you take filtered water? Get water wherever you are? I normally warm the water to about body temp before I add the powder, as Nadia is picky, and also because I think the powder dissolves better… Any tips and tricks any of you can share with me?? Sucks I have to take all that stuff, and my pump, ugh.

I really hope in a week I have more answers, and possibly a better feeling about formula vs breastfeeding. I want what is best for Nadia, and I guess in my mind, if my milk is really making her so upset, than I’d rather do formula. I want her to be a happy baby, and lately, she is certainly not happy. I hate hearing her cry and seeing her tears whenever I feed her. Breaks my heart.

8 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. We used HiPP when we supplemented for our daughter when I wasn’t pumping enough milk. We switched her over from Similac which gave her so much gas and bad poopy diapers. After we switched her she was so much happier! HiPP smells just like breast milk in my opinion. My friend told me about it, she did all the research and her baby was on HiPP for a year.

    Since we supplemented in addition to pumped breast milk, we made 8oz bottles in advance (good for 24 hrs in the fridge) and used it as we went. We used distilled water with no floride. Tommee Tippee makes a single serve formula container that fits inside their bottle, so you would put the water in the bottle and the container fits in the bottle and you just pour in the formula when you’re ready to feed. We just recently switched from Dr Browns to Platex Drop ins and OMG it cut back on SO much washing! We went from 12 Dr Brown bottles to 2 drop in bottles.

    Hope you gets some answers! Good luck!


    1. I need to post an update soon about our experience with the Hipp formula. And yes, the drop in liners would be so easy, but for whatever reason, I can’t get Nadia to take any of the nipples that fit on those bottles… I tried thinking it would be a great solution…


  2. I hope you figure it out soon!

    As for traveling with bottles – what worked best for me is pre-measuring formula and filling the bottles with baby water before packing. I have a travel warmer for the car so I could start to warm up the bottle with water in it before we stopped to feed Mackenzie. Then I just mixed the powder in right before she needed to eat. That’s always what worked best for me on the road. If I was going for a long trip I would just take several bottles, a gallon of baby water and my babyganics foaming dish soap along and wash bottles as needed.

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  3. I always took however many bottles I anticipated Oliver needing, plus 2 extras. I’d put the formula in the bottle, and take a few bottles of water. We always just used room temperature water and bottles, so that made it easier, but lots of people use the bottle warmers. They make them that can plug into your car I think.

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  4. I used to make up a whole days formula once a day. It keeps 24hrs in the fridge (double check the brand you’re using is the same) then I’d take bottles in a cool bag and warm them up before serving. Doing that meant I washed sterilised and prepared 16 bottles at once (twins on a 3hr feeding schedule) I used the Dr Browns formula jug which I think from memory can hold up to 32oz at once and there’s never a lump in sight.

    I hope your little lady takes well to this change in nutrition an unhappy baby is so hard 😢


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