Feeding Update

You know how as a mom, you try to do what’s best for your children? Well, in my quest to make things better, I ultimately made them worse…

Originally we were feeding Nadia EleCare, a hypoallergenic amino acid based formula, meaning no milk proteins of any kind. It’s for severe food allergies and GI disorders. But that said, the first ingredient is corn syrup solids… yuck. So, I checked into German formulas which were recommended to me by other bloggers and found that Hipp makes a hypoallergenic formula with lactose as the sugar source, rather than corn syrup. This was comforting to me, as lactose is, correct me if I’m wrong, one of the sugar sources in breastmilk. Also though, Hipp technically does contain milk proteins, but the proteins are broken down to the point where they virtually eliminate the possibility of an allergy. Virtually being the key word here…

So Tuesday the Hipp formula arrived in the mail and I quickly made Nadia a bottle. She sucked it down and fell happily asleep, even gave me a few smiles in her sleep, which I hadn’t seen in weeks! I honestly thought we had found our saving grace.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. Screaming, lots of screaming. Horrible gas, tons of dirty diapers that were filled with lots of noise, if you know what I mean… Nadia was just really, really uncomfortable, to the point where it was hard to calm her at all. She was awake and crying pretty much all of Wednesday and Wednesday overnight.

So back to the EleCare we went as of Wednesday afternoon. And so far, Nadia is happier again. I say happier as she is so, so much better than she was Wednesday. I really think our only issue now is bowel movements, which don’t seem to be happening, and thus she tends to strain and push a lot, especially while she is eating. There are some fussy periods, but not like on breastmilk or the Hipp formula. In the NICU Nadia was given some glycerin suppositories which seems to really help her, so we’ve been trying those at home if she doesn’t have at least one bowel movement every 24 hours. They seem to really help her, as after she finally goes she is a much happier and calm baby. I’m just hoping this isn’t our new normal, that at some point she will just go regularly on her own… Has anyone else dealt with this issue? Any suggestions?

I’m still pumping, but not nearly as much, in fact, in the last 24 hours I’ve only pumped twice, and I’ve poured the milk down the drain, as I’ve been too lazy to properly clean my pump supplies, therefore the milk is no good anyway. I’m basically only pumping so my breasts don’t explode… I feel like I’m waiting for someone to force me to stop, as honestly, my hopes of Nadia ever taking my milk are 99% gone. Being she can’t even handle the milk proteins broken down, how would I ever make sure I never have a drop of anything she can’t have? Of course, I know a lot of mothers have given up every single drop of dairy, and therefore, I still feel guilty, like I’m thinking of myself. There is a sort of calm that comes over me though when I think that perhaps I can stop pumping soon…

There is one more formula I wanted to look into, another amino acid based with absolutely no milk proteins, Neocate. I thought it was prescription but it appears you can order it from certain sites, so I’m a little confused. It’s still mostly corn syrup solids, but it does contain probiotics which most other amino acid formulas don’t contain… Nadia probably needs probiotics regardless, as she’s taking an antibiotic daily for her urinary reflux.

A little off the subject, but on Monday we are heading to Iowa City, again, this time for two appointments for Nora, a recheck of her IgG with the immune/allergy team, and then a recheck of her hips with ortho now that she is walking. I love the immune team and Dr. Bayer, and I’d love to ask some questions on milk protein allergies and get their take on which formulas are best for this issue… 

Nadia is sleeping now and has been for several hours, which means I should have been as well… I’m exhausted, but still need to pump, and I assume Nadia will want to eat again just as soon as I finally crawl into bed later… 

13 thoughts on “Feeding Update

  1. Decongestants will help speed your milk drying up if or when you decide to stop. The doctor can also prescribe something to help. I forget the drug.

    Eliminating dairy is very hard. Very damned hard. But harder still is watching our babies suffer when they eat. Hope you all survive this with some happy memories and can leave this tortured period behind soon.

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  2. I think you get help with your insurance if you choose to get the neocate via prescription rather than ordering it on your own. It’s very expensive. Over $100 a can when we started. Insurance cut that to $60 per case of 6 cans, which was huge!


  3. I wouldn’t throw away your breast milk. Sometimes babies outgrow milk allergies as they get older. I totally understand the goal to stop pumping though. I had to at 4 months for a medical issue, and it was actually a relief.

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