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Ortho Cyclen 

Years ago, before IVF, I was was ortho tri-cyclen. No issues. After Nora, nothing, hence Nadia. And then the mini-pill after Nadia. Now that I’m finished breastfeeding I started on ortho cyclen. Just this past Sunday actually, so less than a week ago. And omg, it’s like I have awful morning sickness all over again! I hope this wears off soon and my body adjusts. Did anyone else have nasty side effects? 

7 thoughts on “Ortho Cyclen 

  1. I personally think birth control pills are the Devils handiwork. If I needed birth control, I’d go with an IUD or an implant.

  2. I was on bc pre-infertility with no issues. But I can’t handle it at all now. We’re prepping for an FET in February, and I will probably do estrogen/provera just to keep from birth control. It seriously messes me up.

    I would do the mirena IUD if I needed birth control. I’ve heard great things about it.

    1. I did consider an IUD, but being I’m going to be 37 in March, I feel like if we are going to have any more children, it needs to be somewhat soon, and I’m fairly certain the Mirena is meant for a bit longer use than maybe a year. Ugh… Decisions decisions!

      1. Ugh, yeah. It is both and blessing and a curse that you are now fertile after IVF!😂

        1. I know, a problem I never imagined! Maybe I should be more thankful!

          1. Yes, but with two NICU babies 1.5 years apart, it’s ok if you are too tired to be thankful!;)

            1. True… I think I need to be reminded of that more often. I’m pretty hard on myself… Its that whole mommy-guilt thing I guess.

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