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Nadia ~ 14 & 15 Weeks (4 & 5 Weeks Adjusted)

I feel like I’ve had a newborn forever. And yes, the newborn stage is so amazing, but also draining, and perhaps it’s all catching up with me. I’m tired. Very tired. The feedings, the crying, it’s a lot. And throw in a 20 month old who is developmentally a 17 month old… Ugh. I don’t recommend kids this close. Although I guess I don’t know it any other way. It is wonderful, at times. But it’s really hard too, and I’m learning it’s okay to feel that way.

So here are updated pictures!



I’m not sure exactly how much Nadia weighs now, but I’m certain it’s over 9 pounds. When I bathe her later today I’ll weigh her. She’s starting to have a bit more awake times, maybe an hour or so after feedings, but overnight she’s been fairly good at going back to sleep as long as I keep the lights low and change her diaper quickly. She has gone as long as 6 hours overnight, but that’s rare, it’s usually closer to 3 hours. The Neocate formula is still working well I think, although she seems to spit up quite a bit, most of which looks like mucus. Her doctor didn’t seem to think that was concerning so I won’t worry. We’re definitely seeing more smiles lately from Nadia and even maybe a few coos. So cute to see. I don’t really remember this stage with Nora, I think I was so stressed over being a new mommy that I missed a lot with Nora.

All things considered I think Nora is handling her new role as big sister rather well. She obviously doesn’t understand that I don’t have as much time for her. When I’m feeding Nadia, Nora tends to act out, I assume looking for attention, like trying to climb over the couch, climbing on me, trying to kick Nadia, etc. Maybe this is her way of knowing I don’t have as much time for her… I tell her no a lot, but she doesn’t seem to stop. Is now the time to get more firm with discipline? She seems too young to me. I guess I need to read a book on toddlers, cause I have so much time to throw that into my daily agenda!

One of Nora’s favorite things is giving her ‘sissy’ as she calls her, kisses!


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  1. I know these two are a load of work but those photos… melt worthy!

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