Floor Plan…

So… you know how I’ve been searching and searching for a different house here? Well, still considering the location 45 minutes away, however, the floor plan below is a possibility if staying and building here. Basically the builder has started to dig the foundation, so not much of the floor plan can be changed at this point, but we could pick our most of the inside ‘stuff’. The main issue I’m seeing is the master and one other bedroom on the main level, and then three more bedrooms in the basement. This was a similar issue with the last house we looked at here, although that other house had a strange setup and made the bedrooms in the basement so very far away from the upstairs. And maybe this would be okay since Nadia’s screaming always wakes up Nora anyway… I don’t know… We have baby monitors, I watch Nora, does it matter if she is down a level if it’s close and easy to get to her? Thoughts on the floor plan? Please share if you have time to review. I also see that the kitchen is open to the great room, which is another thing I hate about our current home, although maybe that could be altered… I like two laundry rooms!

2 thoughts on “Floor Plan…

  1. I’m a floor plan addict!

    Personally I’d pop the wee one in the Den so you’re all on one level and then leave the whole of the basement as guest bedrooms, study, rec room and such.

    We’ve just sold our home and are building as I couldn’t stand my twins being on a different level to me! Not that it took ages to get to them but what if there was a fire?! What if I couldn’t reach them?! That was my sole rationale 🙄


    1. I was wondering what the heck we would use the den for… An office maybe, but we have an office in our current home and it just basically collects papers, we never actually go in there and work at the desk.

      Not reaching kids is a concern, but I suppose that could happen if they were across the house on the same level too… I don’t know, sometimes I’d like them further apart so they don’t keep waking each other up at night!


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