Nadia – 20 Weeks (10 Weeks Adjusted)


Nadia continues to amaze me… In the fact that she can be smiling one minute, and SCREAMING the next. She is still fussy, she may always be fussy. But the smiles are making it worth it. Most days anyway 😉

Nadia is up to 10 lbs 5 oz, which is only 10% according to the CDC for her adjusted age of 10 weeks. She was closer to 25% when we left the NICU, although for now we are just watching her weight. Maybe she is just going to be small like Nora. She’s becoming more and more alert, and yesterday she seemed to wonder what the heck her left hand was. It was cute! It’s hard to believe Nora was ever this small, so I’m trying to enjoy the baby cuddles while they last.

I have a sitter again today so I’m enjoying a little quiet time at a coffee shop before I head to the grocery store. I picked out three recipes for this week for dinners, although one is really a breakfast casserole. Links are below, I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Farmers Casserole

Stuffed Shells

Teriyaki Chicken

Tomorrow is my first meet-up with the mom’s club I’m joining. I’m nervous, not to meet the other mom’s, but to take two kids out alone to the rec center… Is it weird I pack the diaper bag the night before, and lay out the kids clothing? Getting Nora to eat before we leave the house in the morning will be the hard part. And oh gosh, what if Nadia screams the entire time?? Take in the stroller, or try to carry Nadia’s infant carrier and pray Nora will walk and hold my hand? Nora clings and wants me to carry her when she’s scared though, which happens often it seems… Ugh, why does this feel so hard??



3 thoughts on “Nadia – 20 Weeks (10 Weeks Adjusted)

  1. Do you wear Nadia? I didn’t know if that was what you meant by baby carrier. It was hard to get the hang of, but it is a game changer!


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