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It’s been a month…

I can’t believe I haven’t written for a month! Life got busier. I started the book club, which is fun, joined another MOMs Club, which has been good as well, still attending MOPs on Thursday mornings, Nora started Kindermusik on Monday mornings, I don’t know, I just feel a lot busier all the sudden. Which I guess is good.

My book club has met twice so far, and we’re up to 33 members, but of course, not all those show up, and thank goodness. We actually set a Wednesday afternoon and Sunday evening session twice a month so we could try to accommodate everyone’s schedule. So far I’ve met quite a few ladies that are very nice. Our first book is The Couple Next Door. A little slow at the start, but a good read, worth the time.

Kindermusik is interesting I guess is the word. We’ve missed a few sessions due to doctor’s appointments in Iowa City, so we’ve only been once, and Nora was a bit shy. She’s in the 2-3 year old group since her second birthday is next month (OMG) but since she really won’t be 2 until June, well, you can tell she is a bit younger than the others. Which is okay, she did a lot of watching, wanting me to hold her hand quite a bit. A lot of the moms have been coming with different children of theirs for years, so they know all the songs and actions and such. I felt a little clueless, but I guess I don’t care. Nora laughed and smiled and seemed to enjoy herself. I hope throughout the semester she opens up a bit.

MOPs is MOPs, I’m not in love with my table of ladies this year like I was last year. We just haven’t all connected like we did last year. Maybe it’s because the ‘mother’ of our table isn’t as awesome. Of course I still see the other ladies, but it’s not the same.

MOMs Club is just okay as well. I’ve met a few nice mothers, but it seems a lot of their activities are on days when we already have something planned. I think so far we’ve only attended two playdates, and both were at the rec center. I might have mentioned that in a past post… Maybe this summer we’ll get more involved with that group.

Speaking of this summer… My favorite sitter told me a few days ago that due to when her current lease and new lease end and start, she won’t be in town for the summer. Ugh! I’m tempted to put an ad on just for someone to watch the girls a few hours each week over the summer, but the thought of interviewing and starting over with someone, for less than three months, seems a little daunting. I even considered asking her to just stay at our place this summer… but I’m afraid it would ruin our great relationship.

I think the last time I wrote Nadia was just 21 weeks, 11 weeks adjusted. Wow, that seems like forever ago! Here are a few updated pictures. Nadia isn’t quite rolling, but she really wants to, she’s getting close. I keep meaning to look back and see when Nora learned to roll. Lots of ‘talking’ or babbling, or whatever you want to call it. So cute! Last time we weighed her she was 11 lbs 10 oz, so still small even for her adjusted age, but not unexpected I guess, being Nora is quite small too.


Nora keeps surprising me, she’s saying so many words, I can’t even begin to list them all. She has surpassed all my expectations of her, given her adjusted age, and her meningitis shortly after birth. She truly is a miracle. Nora was 23 months actual, 20 months adjusted yesterday, although I haven’t had a chance to get a good picture of her yet. I had a hard enough time getting her 22 month picture which is below!

With Nora’s increasing smarts though, comes some downfalls. She totally understands bedtime now, as in, she doesn’t like it. I can’t tell you how many times she says books, couch, or light, as a way to prolong the process. She is so so sweet though. How she gives kisses and hugs, waves good-bye, blows kisses, snuggles on the couch… So many cute moments I don’t ever want to forget. How do I bottle up these awesome memories??


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