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Almost March!

OMG, where did February go??

Nora turns 2 in 16 days!! I’ll be 37 in 11 days! How is that possible?! And what do people do for second birthdays? Another party with family? Is it bad of me to say that sounds like a lot of work? And since Eric’s mom and I aren’t on the best terms, which is maybe a story for another time, I’m not even sure I’d want to invite her. Regardless of a party or not though, I don’t even have any gifts purchased, or even in mind, for Nora. I feel like we buy her too much as it is… The only thing I can think of is maybe more age-appropriate educational toys. A lot we have seem a little young for Nora now. Any recommendations?

Below is Nora’s most recent monthly picture. She’s saying lots and lots more words, but the most surprising thing… All the sudden all she wants to do is eat. No seriously people. The girl who wouldn’t eat now loves to eat. She points to her high chair and says ‘eat’ all day long. I’m not even sure what to think, or what to feed her all day, for that matter. This is all new to me. And yes, it’s good, but different, so I’m feeling a little lost. For breakfast today she had two Jimmy Dean sausage links, maybe half of a fairly good-sized apple, fruit shredz, and milk. Yes, all the sudden she will drink milk too. She seemed satisfied for maybe 45 minutes when she was saying eat again. So a bit ago I gave her some Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion bunny crackers, and now she is in the pantry opening the Cheez-Its. Do you let your children walk around with bowls of crackers and such? Or do they always eat in their high chair? If she is always going to eat in her high chair, she will now be sitting in it ALL DAY LONG. Also, way back when, when she wasn’t eating well, one of our high-risk follow-up group nurse practitioners suggested allowing her to watch a movie or cartoon while she eats. So for the past several months we always turn on the iPad when she’s in her high chair. Now not only does she say ‘eat’, she also says ‘show’. Have we started something awful? Should I no longer allow her to watch TV while she eats? I honestly kind of like it, as it keeps her occupied for a bit and allows me to spend time with Nadia.img_4412

Last week Nora was very ill with vomiting and diarrhea. So sick that Eric even had some of his clinic patients rescheduled so he could take her to the doctor with me. Thankfully they allowed us to keep her at home as long as we continued to keep Pedialyte in her to avoid dehydration. She’s obviously much better now… Maybe throwing up turned a switch in her to start eating! I did not escape the sickness, and I’m pretty sure Nadia has it now, no vomiting though, thank goodness. Eric was sick for maybe six hours and he acted like he was dying…

I need to take another weekly picture of Nadia today, but here is last weeks.img_4413

She’s getting so big! Over 12 pounds, way larger than Nora was at 4 months adjusted. In fact, she’s so big that I panicked when I realized she wasn’t going to fit in an outfit Nora wore for baby pictures, a scrub outfit. I was hoping to have them both photographed in it for Eric’s office. Below is the photo of Nora. Thankfully a friend is saving my life and making a larger set, and fast, as Nadia’s pictures are scheduled for March 8th. I still need two other ‘outfits’ for her though. Ugh. I’m no good at this outfit for pictures stuff!askeland-3432-x3

Nora is down for a nap, so cuddle time with Nadia!

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  1. I let BG eat snacks at our coffee table in the living room or on her step stool at the counter. Meals are usually eaten at the table. Yes we most often put on cartoons for her to watch–she definitely gets too much screen time, especially since I’ve been sick. Most of the toddlers I know snack all day long, and it’s a mix of fruit and various types of crackers (we like the annie’s bunny varieties). We also do occassional fruit snacks (the gummy ones) but not every day (and BG only drinks water, no juice or milk). She’ll munch half-heartedly on carrots or celery.
    Glad Nora is feeling better! And Nadia is so adorable!
    Oh and as for a birthday party, I think we’ll just celebrate as a family this year with cake and decorations at home and a trip to the zoo and aquarium. I just don’t have the energy to plan a proper party, nor the space to host it at our rental home. XO

  2. I trained my kid that we eat in the kitchen or dining room area only. She is allowed to sit on the floor, but no walking around with the food. We also got kids size table in the kitchen pretty early on. That helps with keeping her in the kitchen.

    Re getting her off IPad when eating. I’d talk to her that it isn’t what you do. And slowly wean her off by using timer to monitor her, and slowly reducing the time.

    The biggest thing with any change is to decide on strategy and stick with it. Kids have by far much more determination than we do as adults. Be prepared to keep repeating yourself as broken record.

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