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She’s Two!!!

Nora is two. How did that happen?? We decided not to do a party, although mostly for the wrong reasons, mainly Eric’s mother,  but more on that later, or another day. So instead, since Eric had a few days off work we took the girls to Madison, WI for a few days. We wanted a location that wasn’t too far of a drive, a place that had a few things for kids… I think Nora had fun, we went to the zoo one day and Nora was fascinated by the giraffes, monkeys, and an ass who was surely a horse to her, the children’s museum another day, and on Nora’s birthday went to this adorable kid’s cafe for lunch, Ella’s Deli. It was a fast few days, but very enjoyable. The girls even slept rather well in the hotel, all things considered.

So it’s Tuesday, Eric is back to work, it’s only 10:40am and Nora is already down for a nap. Nora had her two-year well-child visit yesterday and got a shot… I’m not sure if that’s why she is super tired and cranky today or what… Maybe just the terrible twos already! The house is a disaster, there is tons of laundry, I need to work out, Nadia wants to eat every three hours round the clock, so I’m tired, for some reason my lower back is killing me, and tomorrow are Nora’s two-year pictures, and I have yet to finalize her outfits. I ordered a few things, but haven’t tried any of it on her yet.

Speaking of Nadia eating every three hours… Apparently she is not allergic to the protein in cow’s milk, as for about the past two weeks we’ve been feeding her my frozen breast milk and she seems to be doing okay. We’re still putting MiraLax into her bottles as our doctor suggested, and wow, so many blow-outs from breast milk. I actually liked her on formula better for that reason, not a single diaper that exploded onto her clothing. Now though, I’m feeling even worse that I stopped pumping. So bad I considered starting again. I mentioned re-lactation on here before, right? Eric thinks it’s a crazy idea, and that I would regret it after I started, the time involved… I don’t know. Still considering it… And, I have several cases of really expensive Neocate that she doesn’t need either. You have to order it online and I doubt it’s returnable, so ugh. I mean, I guess I could keep feeding it to her after I’m out of frozen breast milk, but seems a bit of a waste of money when I could feed her any old formula. Oh wait, back to my finance days, sunk cost

I really miss writing… I’d write an entry everyday if I had the time. Not that anyone would want to read… I guess I see this blog as something I’ll want to look back on years from now, like a diary, and there are obviously lots of life events missing when I don’t write for months or weeks at a time. Maybe I’ll try to find some time tonight to catch up and write a bit more. Maybe.

One more random thought before I go. Nadia still isn’t rolling from her back to her front although she easily gets from her stomach to her back. She’s almost 7 months actual, 4 1/2 months adjusted. Should I be concerned? When did your babies roll? I’m just terrified that her brain bleed and back of oxygen at birth will delay her.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Madison and Nora’s birthday celebration with my mom and step-dad.



  • K. Esta

    With Nadia’s history it’s always worth talking to a doctor, but it’s probably too soon to worry about the rolling given her adjusted age. Curtis started rolling somewhere between 4 an 5 months, but never did it often. He had to be motivated.

    Cute pics !!

  • Caitlin

    Each baby is different Nolan- full term didn’t roll until after his open heart surgery… around 6 1/2 months. Carly… another story rolled at 4. Each child is different and if she is rolling belly to back I wouldn’t worry. If you are concerned talk to the doc! Ps terrible twos!!! Awful, horrible, pray.

  • Sara

    Happy birthday, Nora! Madison is a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday. On the way to work this morning I was just thinking that G. is also 5.5 and we haven’t taken her there yet, despite that being the city where Mommy and Daddy met and got married! So many memories we have to share with her there someday.

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