More naps?

Is it possible Nora still needs two naps each day? She seems to be awfully moody lately… Adjusted she is 22 months. I guess that still seems old for two naps a day, but clearly I know nothing. She sleeps well overnight, but her one nap today was cut short when Kona barked at a bird. It was probably 90 minutes. 

I need to catch up on weekly pictures, maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll leave you with this fun pic of Nora sporting pjs in size 2T. She is growing up so fast!

7 thoughts on “More naps?

  1. My twins are 22 months and take one 90-120 minute nap per day. Kids typically transition to one nap per day around 12 months so as long as she is getting between 11-14 hours of sleep total (nighttime and nap) then she should be good!!


  2. Every kid is different. We still get 3 hours of nap time some days (19 months) and 12 hours at night. It’s usually all in one nap, but if his nap was early/short a second one is a definite possibility. Especially if he’s cranky. I’d say try another nap and see what happens.

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  3. How many hours per day, total, is she getting? I found that a much more useful guide than counting number or duration of naps. Around 2 we were aiming for 13-14 hours per day, if I remember rightly.


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