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I’m kicking myself in the foot for switching photographers…

The photographer I’ve been using since Nora was born was really great, in my unprofessional opinion. But… she recently had a baby, lives aways from me, has a tiny studio, etc. So, to make things easier on myself, I picked a different girl who I’ve known for a while, but never used with the girls. And honestly, I can’t say the pictures are bad, but they aren’t nearly as great as our other girl’s. Tell me what you think… and be honest. Her style is definitely different, more action shots, whereas the other girl did more posed stuff with lots of props. Maybe it’s the props I liked though, added a lot to the pictures, made them more interesting. These pictures seem plain to me. And…. I’m paying more and not getting edited photos. I purchased the images from both photographers, but my original girl fixed every photo, made it look great, even when blown up huge, as I like to do in my house. This girl, I already paid more, and I’d still have to pay for each picture I want edited. Ugh. I guess I could pick a few I want to put up on the walls and just have those edited. But I’m annoyed! Especially with Nora’s pictures, as she has a cut on her lip that totally stands out to me, and her hair wasn’t really fixed nicely ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Or am I just being a crazy perfectionist mom??

Nora’s 2 Year Session


password: nora


Nadia’s 3 Month Session


password: nadia


Oh… and Nadia has been rolling like crazy!

19 thoughts on “Professional Pictures

  1. I totally get what you’re saying that the props give it that little extra, but the pictures are great!!!! So so cute and I LOVE Nora’s outfits!!!!


  2. N_102 and N_279 of Nora are my favorites. It does stink when the cost is higher and you’re not getting edited images. I think it’s great to see so many candid and action shots of Nora. I’m sure she doesn’t sit still much for you these days, there’s so much for a 2 year old to explore! There are so many good ones of Nadia it’s hard to choose. I love N_013. Your girls are very photogenic ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. It might be a style issue – it sounds like you like posed photos, and these are definitely more ‘photojournalist’ style. They are GREAT pictures, but it’s important you get what YOU like!


  4. Oh my gosh, they are adorable!!! I love love love the pics. I do understand what you’re saying about not having the props like more traditional photos but these are great!


  5. I have to be honestly and say you got some really great shots of both of the girls here. i went to college for photography and don’t practice now but i am VERY picky and i see many really great photos here. i wish they were numbered so i could tell you my picks hahah nora is so sweet! her jumping on the fur and on the couch show her really having fun. i feel it captures the moment and her spirit very well. i am a huge fan of candids so i think that’s why i like her photos so much. nadia has some very nicely composed images and for both of them, I don’t really know how much you need to edit. the cut, yes, but otherwise i think people can really get carried away with photoshoping these days. your girls are gorgeous and you have some really beautiful photos here of them to cherish ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I think the girls look great but see your point about Nora’s looking a bit plain. I’m not a fan of the current trend of blank wall, natural decor for wee ones’ photos either. For me it’s not even about the props sometimes but the photographer taking time to set the scene – eg draped fabric, temporary wall hanging etc to make the space look “done” or “dressed”. I think Nadia’s turned out better because there is that additional texture and some props. I love how happy Nora and engaged Nora looks. I’d give the photographer your honest feedback and show her some of your favourite photos from these sets and the other artist’s to make your point. If it’s any consolation I’ve regretted straying before too…


  7. Honestly … and from a professional photographers viewpoint … these images aren’t a patch on your last photographers work.
    I’m actually confused as to you needing to pay more for additional editing? She has edited them (because I doubt she shot particular images in monotone) so to get them cleanly edited for print should be something she does for all final images that you’ve purchased. I get that additional post production for things like cuts and messy hair can be laborious and it’s fair to raise additional costs for this, but I don’t feel that any of these shots have been beautifully edited so far.
    My opinion is that you could watch a few decent tutorials and edit them better yourself! You could also possibly purchase a set of actions for what she’ll charge you and make your images 100x better.
    Are you tempted to cut your losses and re-shoot with your original girl?


    1. She told me I’m getting the proofs directly from her camera. It’s 49 shots for $595.00. $15 extra per image if I want them edited. Just seems like a lot to me, when I already paid $100 for the session. I think I might go back to my other girl. I have lightroom and photoshop through creative cloud, I guess it’s time I learn to use them!


      1. Yeah I’m not one to undermine my industry but I don’t know any photographer worth their salt that would sell unprocessed images! I’d be seriously tempted to walk away and take your investment back to the photographer that’s produced consistently great work for you. I know she’s not as convenient but these images just don’t sit well with your others in my humble opinion. ๐Ÿ˜”


        1. Well, I emailed my old girl, and I know you can’t really tell through email, but I got the impression she was annoyed with me and not really interested in booking another session with my girls anytime soon. She said she’d let me know when she had time…


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