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Happy Friday!

It’s Friday ladies. (And gentlemen? Do any men read this?) Eric is on-call again this weekend as his partner is (still) in China. It sucks that Eric’s partners are essentially single. I feel like Eric picks up a lot of extra work because we have kids and they know we are usually in town with no big plans. Pisses me off. Actually, Eric has the week of April 15th off, and I guess maybe we are boring, as I can’t think of what we should do. I’m still afraid to fly with the kids, and driving locations from Iowa are somewhat limited. I was thinking Chicago, or Omaha. There must be things to do in both locations for kids. What, I don’t know. But do I want to sit in the car for hours and hours with the girls? Waste half our days while they nap? Struggle to get them to sleep in a strange, different place? Try to find kid-friendly restaurants? Please tell me this gets easier as they get older!!! The thought of traveling with kids overwhelms me.

Last night I decided to get out one of the knitting looms I recently purchased. I watched one YouTube video and also had the instruction guide that came with the loom, it sounded and looked so easy. No. Hell no. Not easy. Disaster. This happened. Maybe knitting isn’t for me.

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Thank you to everyone who commented on the photos I recently had taken of my girls. I got a mix of responses, as I expected. Many of you loved the pictures, and I love some of them too, but others saw what I saw, how plain the pictures are compared to my previous photographer’s work. So I emailed my old photographer and asked how soon she has openings, as she recently had a baby. In the meantime, I guess I need to learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop. I have the software, and I see there are tons of tutorials, but I have no idea where to even start. I’ve tried playing around in Photoshop on my own, but it doesn’t seem very user-friendly for the unexperienced. Any recommendations?

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  1. I traveled with my daughter when she was younger.. in fact we started to travel when she was 3 months and she’s been on countless airplanes and weve been to Henderson Nevada, Washington state, Texas, Chicago, canada and other places. I do have to say it’s much easier with one child…. but if you do travel be prepared to deal with naps… early bed times… tantrums.. keeping them busy….. bringing toys… blankets…. baby food….. formula….. and other things… we literally would be in our hotel room at 8pm with the lights off and under the covers while our daughter cried and finally slept… only good thing is our kids are sound sleepers… well our oldest is… we have yet to travel with both except when we end to Nevada to go be with my mother in law… we had a newborn… but we were with family.. which is way easier than going to a hotel.. that would’ve been awful to say the least… not to freak you out… it will get easier! I don’t know when because I have a 5 year old and a 6 month old… being in a car won’t be awful.. you’ll be able to stop and deal with the kids.. you’re not stuck on a plane with angry patrons… so at least there is that.. coordinate naps I’d say… try not to skip naps… or let them nap in the stroller or being held… make sure they nap!! And feed them!! Bring snacks and good luck!

    1. I wish we were more adventurous with our children… I guess no time like the present to start!

  2. Come to Des Moines! Science Center. Zoo. Valley Community Center that has an indoor playground Nora would like I’m sure. If you’re here on a Saturday most weekends our gymnastics building does an open gym in the mornings that’s a ton of fun for the kids.

    Otherwise Omaha has a art museum that’s free and has a room for kids, Mackenzie enjoyed that last year. We stayed at the Ramada with an indoor water park and that was a good time.

    1. I’m thinking maybe St. Louis… but still not certain yet. I need to research stuff to do and hotels yet.

  3. It definitely does get easier (though I only have one; I can’t say to having two). As I write this, I’m on a train towards London where we’ll hop on a train to Paris, and spend the next week there. We’ve got all sorts of plans of museums and thins to take G. to, and we’re all looking forward to it a lot.

    I will say, part of the reason travel now works so well is because we’ve been doing it for so long. We’ve made a real effort to travel with her all over, even when it was inconvenient and not very rewarding, with the result that now that she’s 5, she’s used to entertaining herself on a train, plane, or car, she’s used to sleeping all over the place, she’s a great walker and knows how to stick with us when we navigate public transportation. The advanced effort has really paid off.

    1. I really wish we were more adventurous. I guess no time like the present to start working toward that!

  4. in my past life I was a university photography lecturer and I know just how daunting the software can be at first.

    I’d recommend a Scott Kelby book. They’ll come with a set of sample images and REALLY clear instructions. Once you’ve mastered the technique with his images then it’s easy to transfer that knowledge to your own work.

    Good luck and be prepared to merrily lose hours of your life making your images shine!

    Oh and you’re not alone … the thought of travelling with my almost two year old twins makes me cringe! I’ll stick to our little routine bubble for a bit longer I think 😂

    1. I started watching a course on, it’s for beginners in photoshop, but it’s 14 hours total. I’m about an hour in and already lost and we haven’t even gotten to anything good yet! I swear I’m not a complete moron, so maybe it’s just this video… I’ll look for that book!

      1. That’s the beauty of the Kelby book you can work on exactly the same image as he is and because you’re reading it there’s no stop start stop start while you try and keep up.

  5. Oh and … the photos you’ve had done already … if she’s giving you the in camera images you might want to ask her if she’s got the RAW files! I’ll be interested to see if she’s willing to part with them!

    1. I’ll ask her…

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