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Monday, Monday…

I need a new routine. It’s Monday, my awesome sitter is with the girls… I’m looking up recipes for the week so I can buy the ingredients, along with other groceries. I also have a few returns to do. But as I sit here I wonder… Should I really be paying a sitter to watch my girls while I run mindless errands? Don’t get me wrong, going to the grocery store alone is sooooo much easier. But still. Just feels like a bit of a waste… I’m basically just buying some sanity time for myself. The couple of hours I was alone with my girls this morning was hectic enough. Nora didn’t get a nap yesterday, so even though she slept well all night (I think), she woke up crabby. She was throwing everything in sight, screaming as I was feeding Nadia. Ugh. How does one know if their child is a brat, or just in the terrible twos?

Speaking of possibly being a brat, we were at a shoe store yesterday, and I shit you not, Nora threw a complete and utter fit when I took off a pair of shoes we have tried on briefly. So what? To shut her up, I bought them, and allowed her to wear them out of the store. I know, horrible, right? Mom fail. Granted, the shoes are adorable, and she needed shoes, but still. I certainly don’t want to teach her that throwing a fit gets her what she wants. I have several parenting books which were highly recommended to me by friends with children older than mine… I guess it’s time to dig out, The Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson. It’s got to have something good to share with me… Is it time to start time-outs? Do those even work?? Maybe I just need to hide all the chairs and bar stools at our house since she keeps using them to climb on the counters… See!


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  1. We’ve been reading and using “No Bad Kids” by Janet Lansbury, and I’m really liking it. Somethings I don’t fully go with (she’s a part of a movement that really emphasizes treating children very much like an ‘adult’ which I think CAN be useful but has limits!) The thing that has been most helpful is remembering that toddlers are having lots of feelings, but they don’t know how to manage them. So, you want to affirm their feelings (like, being disappointed about not getting the shoes) while also setting a boundary (but you’re not getting them – or whatever it is!) Anyway, she has a blog ( which is where I initially started reading her stuff. Might be worth looking at, anyway . . .Personally, I’m not a fan of James Dobson, but that might be more about his theological views, so I can’t speak to his parenting style.

    1. I’d never even heard of the author before I bought the book. I guess I should have researched more! I’m definitely going to check out that blog! Thank you!!!

  2. She can do time outs or whatever you want to call it. Two years = two minutes. Or deep breaths. Can’t help you on the climbing though, so glad my kids are scaredy cats!!!

    1. Okay, don’t laugh, but I have a question… Where do I do timeouts? At first I thought maybe her crib, as it’s the one place she can’t escape from on her own, but I don’t want her to connect her crib with being bad.

      1. Haha yea usually somewhere that’s not fun and also not the crib. We have a chair but really it can be anywhere. It’s more about giving them (and you) a second to chill and denying what they are fighting for (in the case of my twins) and then takkingjt iut

        1. Hum… okay, I’ll try this today…

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