I fear there is something wrong with me… All these years I’ve longed for little girls, to dress them up, and here, Easter is soon, the perfect excuse to purchase frilly dresses. And I have no desire to do so. Well, I actually did buy them matching dresses, but I’m seriously considering taking them back for these reasons.

  • This is the dress I purchased for both of them… Yeah, $52 each. Isn’t that a lot for an Easter dress? That they will wear once… I assume. That Nora will get dirty while eating. That Nadia will probably spit up on. Yes, I could have purchased less expensive dresses, but if I’m going to the hassle of getting them dresses, I’m getting them cute dresses!
  • We are traveling for Easter. Yes, it’s only about an hour in the car each way, but these dresses have tulle underneath. How does one strap a child into a car seat wearing tulle?
  • If I dress up the girls, do I need to dress up? And Eric too? Ugh, more shopping to do. More spending money on clothing we won’t wear a lot, since I live in PJs and comfy clothing.
  • Dresses for little girls means tights and dressy shoes too. Ugh.
  • I feel guilty about this, but I doubt we are even going to church on Easter… We actually rarely go to church, as Eric is usually working Sunday mornings and I’m not about to take two kids to church alone. He isn’t working Sunday morning, but I know Easter, of all days, means a ton of extra people in church, and dealing with all that with kids, well, the idea doesn’t thrill me. So basically, the only people to see these dresses will be my family.
  • Sure, we could take a ton of pictures. I actually really like taking pictures. I posted a few below I took of the girls yesterday. I just wish I knew more about photography so I could take better pictures. I like what I take, but I realize they don’t compare to professional.

So do I suck it up and put them in dresses because I feel like it’s expected of me? It’s what you do with little girls on Easter, right? Will I regret not getting cute Easter pictures if I don’t dress them up? And oh gosh, I guess I need to do Easter baskets too. Ugh, see? Why am I behind on everything? Everything is the last minute. And most things I do are because I feel like I should….


8 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I get it! I’m always behind on dressing my girls up… even when I only had 1 kid…. but to be honest I noticed that everything before 5 years old doesn’t count…. my daughter literally doesn’t remember much of anything before 5…. so this year I’ll get her an Easter basket… I haven’t done it before.. because in all honesty do the kids even do anything with them at a young age… they have no idea what’s going on…. and I buy my kids clothes at once upon a child which is a resale shop… and they have cute stuff. This is the first year we will actually paint eggs and do anything Easter like for my 5 year old. I won’t buy anything for my 6 month old because well what’s the point… she won’t remember anything and that’ll just bring more stuff into our home.. and we are already having to get rid of toys because it’s just getting to be too much.

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  2. Do not have children travel in the dresses. Put them on around the corner from destination. Have them travel in just a onsie sort of thing for everyone’s comfort.
    After Easter have them wear the fancy dresses every week at least, more often if you wash more frequently. Yes, to the playground and child care program and eating ice cream too. In the sand box and playing in the mud and coming down the slide. Put a long sleeve shirt on underneath if need be for warmth. Remember: who better than your girls to wear the goodness out of the outfits? WHO COULD BE MORE SPECIAL AND DESERVING OF LOOKING ADORABLE? Handing down fancy in perfect condition means your child was less worthy of being acknowledged as special…… . You may disagree but I say ‘if you buy it let your child get ALL the wear out of it’. Old grandmother here speaking from experience. Clothes are for wearing and being special is for every day…… because your girls are miracles. (And all us ‘oldies’ adore seeing children looking fancy!)

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    1. I love this explanation. I don’t know if I ever spent $50 on a dress for Madalyn or Cathryn – I don’t like to spend that on my own dresses! Mom might have made an Easter dress for Madalyn. If so, I think that I put it on her after Easter. If I know me, I bought “comfy” Easter clothes, and “easy” clothes
      , without the tulle. and I hate to tell you, took me until the 3rd child to stop doing “shoulds” 🙂


      1. I know.. so much I do because I feel like it’s expected of me as a mother. Just yesterday I hung up both their dresses in their closets, I assume never to be worn again. Such a waste of money as they each wore them less than two hours. Maybe with my next child, if there is a next, I’ll finally learn.


  3. My house can relate to your dining table. And that makes me cringe. I’d encourage you to take a photography course but am reluctant to add one more thing to the bucket (read: sh*t to do/attend because now I feel obligated) list. Young children are so much work. So. Much. Work.


    1. I know… just yesterday I texted a friend that I felt like I was failing as a mother. The day was hard enough and then my husband didn’t get home till almost 8pm. From 5pm to when he got home was so freaking hard. Both girls were tired and hungry and whiny… ugh.

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