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House Hunting

How come house hunting isn’t fun like on TV??

I’ve decided I’m too picky. Although one should be picky when purchasing something that takes 20+ years to pay off… right?

I’m in need of some input… Does anyone live out a bit from town? On gravel? Not necessarily in a neighborhood? What do you love about it? And what do you stronger dislike?

The house we looked at yesterday morning is technically three minutes from our current home, so certainly not in the middle of nowhere. It is on a gravel road, though, shared by three other houses, and off a highway. It’s basically on the very edge of our town in an area not yet developed.

This somewhat out-of-the-way location certainly doesn’t facilitate afternoon stroller rides with my girls… Actually, our neighborhood setting is one of my current home dislikes, as the area is new, has little to no character, atmosphere, landscaping, etc. Makes for very boring walks in the wind and sun. I fear moving to this proposed location would make that worse… On the plus side though, the new house is very reasonably priced (because it’s on gravel) and has a ton of quality features. Our current home was extremely cheaply built, another thing I hate about this place. We’ve been here a little over a year and already the carpet is falling apart…

So does one trade some cons for pros, but in return give up some pros for cons? I realize there is no perfect house. Even if we built the home of our dreams, as soon as we moved in I’d probably already have a list of items to change…

I think my real issue is not wanting to live in this city, where I find so little to do and see on a daily basis. Eric and I have agreed that at some point we would like to build a custom home of our dreams, but probably not until his student loans are paid off. But what to do in the meantime…



7 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. That sounds very isolating to me…

    1. I know, the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s probably a bad idea. I’m just so desperate to live the space where I spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

  2. I dunno if I’d move just for aesthetics. Plus ultimately you don’t plan to live there very long, right? Are there other ‘pros’, like the bedrooms are closer so you all can sleep on the same floor? I wouldn’t want to live on gravel because I like taking walks and I like neighborhoods that are family-friendly and have neighbor kids to play with/parents to befriend. Our last 2 neighborhoods have been very family-friendly–one had a park and it was great to walk there with BG. Plus moving is such a PIA! I would only do it for the “dream house” or to relocate further away. XO

    1. I know, I’m so confused. I guess I just really long to like the space where I spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY. The house has a little bit more space, the girls rooms would be larger, but I’m not sure how much of a pro that is. I think ultimately I would miss being able to go outside and leave for a walk straight from our house. Although the yard is huge, so maybe there would be different opportunities to play… Ugh, I don’t know! This city just has sooooo few housing opportunities, so I feel like I have to compromise on something.

  3. Having lived on gravel road for a number of years when I lived on a farm as a kid, I can say, gravel will beat up your cars. And on muddy days, gravel really just isn’t fun to drive. That said, it sounds like you have a very short drive on gravel, so it might not be too bad even on the bad days. The biggest thing I’d look into is how does the city maintain the gravel? Also, is the house on city infrastructure (i.e. water and sewer)?
    As for living in the middle of no-where, I really didn’t like it. But my parents loved it. So, I think it’s each to their own, and probably until you try it you wont know for sure. We didn’t have city infrastructure which was miserable because every time there was a problem my parents had to fix it. Also, how long is the drive to get groceries and meet your daily needs? Ours was 22 minutes just to the edge of the nearest city, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case for you, but time your drive to the grocery store and think about if that’s something you want to do when you need milk. I know I’m biased, as I despised living in the country, so I hope I’m not just going to taint your thoughts….

    1. The drive on gravel would be about a mile, so not terrible I guess. I’m not sure how the city keeps it up, especially in the winter when Eric would need to get into work quickly for emergencies. I’m pretty sure it’s all city utilities there, but I’d have to check for sure. I already kind of feel like it takes forever to get anywhere here, like 20 minutes each way to get groceries. I know for a lot of places that is nothing, but this is Iowa, no traffic… so 20 minutes each way seems like a ways when you’re driving the entire time. This house would only add 3 minutes each way, so really no better or worse. Thank you for your insight, I do appreciate it.

  4. Find a neighborhood with other children in the right age bracket. That is a HUGE space for cleaning if you have to do it yourself. Check out the school reputation for the neighborhood. Clearly the gravel would have some potential drawbacks for a doctor who has to be able to get to a hospital. Keep looking. Good luck.

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