7 Cookies

I just ate 7 cookies. That’s how my day went… Did I mention I’m on a diet? 7 cookies!!!

Did I already post these? Matching Easter dresses… Yes, Nora is sitting in a dog bed. What? You thought I was classy? Ha! I have a strange feeling I skipped a week or two. And I forgot to take another of Nadia today..

So much to say… but for now, sleep. Nadia was up 4 times last night so I need shut eye. I’ll try to write more tomorrow! And I’ll respond to comments… I do appreciate those who share their thoughts and advice 🙂

3 thoughts on “7 Cookies

  1. Can I please have 7 cookies too?
    Did I mention I get mad at myself every morning because nothing fits me anymore?
    Nora is adorable, btw!!!


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