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35 Weeks

I was holding Nadia last night, rocking her while she was screaming, I assume teething, and was thinking, I can’t believe she is already 35 weeks! Where do the days go??? She isn’t sitting yet, just propped up in this photo.As for teething, I don’t remember Nora being so fussy. It seems like Nadia is inconsolable unless we keep up with Advil every 6 hours. So far I only see her two bottom front teeth coming in, but I haven’t really looked in her mouth lately. Yesterday was tough, Eric didn’t get home until late, Nadia wasn’t interested in napping, only wanted to be held, and Nora was whiny anytime I gave Nadia attention. So basically all freaking day. And Nora loves to play outside, which is great, but hard with Nadia. Seemed like every time I laid Nadia down we would go outside to play, and 15 minutes later (no shit) Nadia would be awake and screaming. How do mommies with 5 kids do this????

I did find time yesterday to (finally) color Easter eggs with Nora. I’d been meaning to, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. And I’ve decided I need to do more art projects and such with her. We had fun, she really enjoyed it I think! Granted, we needed with multicolored hands, but totally worth it. And it was adorable how when Eric got home from work she said up to him and pointed to the fridge so she could show him her eggs.

Yesterday I also signed up for ABC Mouse. Anyone familiar? Love it? Hate it? It says it’s for children starting at 2, but I feel like Nora is too young for a lot of it… We’ll see I guess. She loves the iPad, so at least this would be a learning opportunity while using technology.

Did I ever write about our trip to St. Louis? Hum… Stay turned for that!

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  1. We have ABC mouse and ac loved it Collin has no interest in it at all. But he also isn’t as iPad obsessed Mac was and still is. He does like one called Little Writer for learning to write letter and such. I am sure you can find some easy art project ideas that are a little less messy on Pinterest. She would probably love a little sensory table to play it. Dump some dried beans in a tube and hid objects in there for her to find and play with. My kids are also obsessed with being outside since it is finally nice. Nadia might be happier outside as well. Throw a big blanket down for her to roll on. Nap in the stroller maybe. I am sure you know about these ideas just trying to find something to make the day more pleasant for all of you.

    1. I might have to try taking a big blanket out and laying Nadia on it… It’s soooo windy here almost everyday, and it seems she hates the wind.

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