I know…

I know… I’m crazy and way too picky, but looking for opinions on yet another house.

Great neighborhood, nice yard, lots of space. Master is on main level and kids would be upstairs though I think.

The downfalls… it’s not nearly as modern as I’d prefer, none of our furniture matches, and I’m not a fan of light wood. Actually, I don’t mind the light cabinets so much but with matching floors and trim I feel like it’s way too much light wood all matching. I could change some things I suppose, but Eric hates the idea of buying a house and then changing things…

I’m waiting for my realtor to get back to me on when I can tour this one.


20 thoughts on “I know…

  1. You’re not too picky! Honestly I think you should build unless you are reeeeally set on being in an established neighborhood. It’s silly to pay “custom home” prices for someone else’s (poor) taste, when you can build and pick your own layout and finishes for the same price or less. My 2 cents. XO


      1. Find a different realtor? Talk to a builder? I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer until I had other opinions. Somehow alllll these other folks managed to build custom homes so why all of a sudden has it become impossible for you to do so? It’s not like you’re trying to build the taj mahal. It’s a house. In Cedar Rapids. Where there is plenty of land. I just can’t imagine how it’s not possible for you to get what you want! XO


        1. Oh, Cedar Rapids has tons of lots, we are in Cedar Falls though… different story here. This is the second realtor we’ve had, and we talked to three builders before we moved here. There are plenty of lots for a house valued up to maybe 300k. Above that the house would lose value I’m told if not built by others in the same price range. This current neighborhood of this house doesn’t have any more lots, it’s all developed. If we want lots we have to look outside of town and eric can’t really be that far from the hospital when he’s on call. I feel so stuck.


          1. Blergh. That sucks. I hate moving so I would stay put until Eric agreed to renovate, you find a place worth the trouble, and you feel up to the task (because that is a lot on top of toddlers, right?) I mean maybe if the right deal comes along then Eric won’t object to renovations? XO


  2. That woood is realy light. Do you think you will be comfortable in a main floor master with the girls upstairs? And who owns the land behind the house? Will it get developed? Can it be rezoned commercial or something aweful like that?


    1. All good questions! When I see the property I have a lot to ask my realtor and consider. I was hoping to see it this weekend but haven’t heard from my realtor yet. And of course eric is on call and I’m home with the girls… per usual.


  3. That’s a gorgeous house. And it has sidewalks in the neighborhood for walks! In the past I’ve thought that having the master and kids’ bedrooms on separate levels is a disadvantage…but with how often Kona wakes up the kids by barking maybe this would be a solution to that? That, and running sound machines in their rooms and a loud fan in the hallway 🙂 Look forward to hear what you think after you do a walk-through!


  4. I think it’s a gorgeous house but is it really your current house that you want to change or the location? Will life in a new house be much different if it’s in the same area? x


    1. You have a good point… but I’m not sure changing my location (city) is a choice. So I guess changing something makes me feel more positive about living here. But you’re right. I’d still be in a place I don’t want to be…


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