Another on-call weekend

Per usual, Eric is on call this weekend. The story of my life. He went in several hours ago to round on his inpatients and discharge those ready. And I know he has notes to do from his 40+ patient clinic yesterday. Not sure if he’s planning on doing those at the hospital while he waits for potential calls from the ER or floor, or come home and work. Either way he’s unavailable for anything exciting today, and I can’t even leave the girls with him in case he would get called in. 

Do I sound like a broken record? I feel like one. I can’t think of anything exciting enough in this town going on today that is worth a solo outing with the girls. Plus it’s raining and barely 40 degree F, so not a pretty day to be out and about with little kids. 

I know this sounds awfully negative, but I keep wondering what I’m doing here when the girls and I exist alone so very often. 

13 thoughts on “Another on-call weekend

  1. Things will get easier. Today my husband is home but he’s working from home… and to make things suckier I’m sick with bronchitis and I have both girls I’m dealing with.. we haven’t even gotten out of our pajamas … it’s cold outside here as well and rainy. And I wanted Togo out.. I don’t know much about where you live but out here we have indoor play places.. we have a bounce house place and fireflies which is an indoor playground.. it’s small but it keeps my 5 year old busy. Worst case when I’m tired of being home I’ll go to mcdonalds or Burger King or even chik fil a that has an indoor play place. When the girls get bigger things will get better hugs.. I know how it feels to parent alone.


    1. We are pretty limited on places to take a 2 year old and baby here. I’m looking forward to things getting easier when my girls are a little older, but then I feel bad for wishing these early years away. It’s nice to know others understand this struggle 🙂


  2. That’s hard. Remind me is he every third weekend on call? Will it always be like that? Sounds like your best bet mentally is not to treat it like on call but just like a work day.


    1. Every other weekend, but since it’s just two of them alternating call, if one is on vacation, then the other has to cover. Earlier this month Eric was on call for 21 days straight. Ugh. In August they are adding another physician, I’m so hoping things improve.

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        1. Ha, no… technically it’s all supposed to even out over 12 months, but I swear eric is on call waaay more than his partners. One lives in Iowa City still and is part time basically so doesn’t really take call, and the other has a daughter out of state who he regularly goes to see.


  3. My husband works all the time. Probably not as much as yours, but because he works long days, and often on weekends, I’m parenting by myself most of the time. It is not easy. My family can’t help often, but they can occasionally. I know you don’t really have family near you. Could you ever consider a live in nanny?


    1. We could afford a live-in nanny, but honestly, since I don’t work outside the home, I already feel guilty having a sitter a few days a week… It’s comforting to know others understand how tough this is to parent alone often.


      1. I feel guilty on days when I take mine to daycare and come home and sleep. It happens. Not often, but it’s nice, and hard to fully enjoy bc of guilt. I definitely understand your struggle.

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  4. Uhg! Mr. MLACS is working all weekend as well, dawn til dusk. I took BG to whole foods to pass some time, which screwed up her (our) nap and now I am laying on the couch yelling at her to stop jumping on the couch for the million-th time and texting Mr. MLACS to ask when he is coming home. Being a SAHM is hard enough 5 days per week. Doing it on the weekends is the worst because everyone else is doing “family stuff”. XOXO


    1. I know you understand how hard this is, which is comforting. And OMG, I wish we had a place as cool as Whole Foods to wander with the girls when I’m bored. Today I took them to Walmart to get out of the house. Walmart! For my excitement! Dear God I long for a city with more offerings…


      1. Oh Lord, our walmart is hideous and I try to avoid it (nothing against walmart but this one is awful). It takes 30-40 minutes to get to target, whole foods, trader joes, starbucks, etc. so it is not convenient by any means. Luckily BG tolerates car rides and will even nap in her carseat or we would be “stuck” in the small suburban town ALL THE TIME and I would lose my mind. XO


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