Another rainy cold day

It’s got to warm up soon, right?? This weather is wreaking havoc on my mood…

Yesterday late afternoon Eric got home from work and I decided I needed out of the house. Sadly, roaming Walmart with Nora while Eric watched Nadia was the most exciting thing I could find. Nora, of course, wasn’t content to sit in the cart… she insisted on pushing the cart. And pulling random items from the shelves and throwing them into the cart when I wasn’t looking. Sneaky little girl, and several surprises for me at the checkout. Here is her looking all proud of her cart pushing skills. 

Last night Nadia slept in our room in the rock and play. Which no longer rocks, damn thing. I wouldn’t say she slept any better but at least she was closer so I just had to reach over when her binkie needed replacing. I hate to ruin her transition to her crib, as she was doing so well in there, but I need sleep. Tracker tells me I got almost four hours last night. Not enough. Hence I’m supposed to be napping while Eric watches the girls for a bit, but I hear Nadia crying… Amazing what moms hear that daddies don’t…

Omg, I just went to see why Nadia was crying and found Eric asleep on the couch. Men. 

This morning while Eric was working the girls and I ventured to Michaels so I could find some yarn to make a baby blanket. More on that another time… Anyway, while there I realized something… I need to learn to lower my expectations while out and about with the girls. They aren’t always going to be happy, or in good moods. We aren’t always going to actually accomplish anything. But that’s okay. It’s the experience, right? Nora had fun helping me pick yarn, and Nadia happily chewed on her binkie before falling asleep in the stroller. Sure, Nora refused to ride in the stroller and thus made the trip harder and longer than expected, but we got out of the house and spent the morning together. I can only assume that when the girls are grown and have moved away I’ll miss these times. 

Tomorrow Eric has an outreach clinic scheduled in Ft Dodge, about 90 miles from our home where he grew up. I’m terribly annoyed he’s seeing patients there when he’s more than busy enough in town. I have a feeling the arrangement has something to do with seeing his windowed mother more often. Don’t even get me started on that topic which really deserves an entire book. Eric doesn’t like to drive in the morning so he usually leaves Sunday evenings as his clinics there are always on Mondays. Thus, another night and overnight alone with the girls for me. Please sleep well Nadia!!

I do have a sitter tomorrow, but because Nora has an appointment in Iowa City with the immune team that follows her. I hate taking both girls alone so Nadia will stay home with the sitter. It’s still an all day affair for Nora and me though, with driving back and forth and the awfully busy clinic. Plus, they will draw blood to check all her antibody levels and I think she is getting a special vaccine for children with compromised immune systems tomorrow as well. I so wish Eric was going with us instead of to Ft Dodge. 

Still no word from my realtor on when we can see that house with all the light wood. Maybe he didn’t get my email as he’s usually really fast with replies…

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