Nora’s Immune Results

Dr. Bayer, Nora’s Immunologist just called with some bad news…

At our last visit on February 1st Nora’s IgG level was 453, the normal range for her age being 453-916. Now it’s only 365, so quite a significant drop. The doctor told me not to worry, as we know Nora’s body can make some IgG. The rest of the test results aren’t back yet and could take a couple of weeks as they are rarer and take longer to complete. The original plan was to see Dr. Bayer again in 12 months, but now we must return in 6 months for more tests, or sooner if Nora’s starts to develop infections.

I’m bummed… but I know it could be worse. It could always be worse. For the time being Nora is healthy, except for a horribly bad cold. I’m focusing on the good!

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