Another day in paradise…

Yes folks, just another day in paradise Iowa. Thankfully it’s sunny and warm enough for Nora to play outside. She is currently transferring the water from her water-table to the ground in a very unorganized fashion. She’s almost out of water and wants to go ‘outside’ which means down the deck stairs into the yard. Which is fine except since Nadia cries/whines non-stop and doesn’t really want to be outside, well, it’s difficult. So I tell Nora no, and her whining starts all over. It’s a continuous cycle the entire day. Do all kids whine pretty much non-stop? I love her, but I have zero desire to carry her around all day either, which she wants. And Nadia, where do I even start. I have no idea how to make her happy these days. She woke up a few days ago with bloodshot eyes which I assumed was pink-eye. I called our ped and they said it would go away in a few days on its own. So I wait. She is also still pulling her ears some, but Eric looked in them days ago and said they were fine. Ugh.

The more I reread my words, the more I realize I’m just not meant to be a stay at home mom. But finding a job here seems a little overwhelming, since we are still on a 2+ year wait list for daycare for Nora, and Nadia isn’t even on a waitlist. My very favorite sitter went home for the summer, left yesterday actually, and so we have a new girl a few times a week now. More on her later when I’ve had time to evaluate her a bit more. To add to my annoyance, our dog. Who yes, I love, but she barks almost non-stop. At everything. The construction crews building houses around us, kids playing outside, birds, the UPS guy, the guys who cuts our lawn, it’s never-ending. So sometimes, like now, I break down and put on her bark collar. But then, like now, she paces at my feet. Which is as annoying as her barking. But at least her pacing doesn’t wake the girls. Wait, the girls would actually have to be sleeping to be woken.

Tonight I committed to attending a 100+ Women Who Care event. It’s basically a group of local women who meet four times a year, pick a local charity at each meeting, and donate a ton of money. Since we moved here I’ve been donating money but have never actually attended one of their events. Well, I was planning to go tonight, and I assume I will, but it seems like so much work. I will have to find time to shower and get ready yet today, God willing the girls nap, at the same time. I told a friend I would meet her there, but the event itself is less than two hours. Getting pretty and leaving the house for two hours seems almost pointless to me. And keep in mind Eric had to get one of his partners to cover for him tonight, as he is on-call. Of course his is! I still don’t even know for sure if Eric will get home in time for me to arrive there on-time. What a hassle. This is why I so often skip events and stay home. Wouldn’t you if it were that much work and organizing to leaving the house for 90 minutes??

My opportunity to shower has arrived…

8 thoughts on “Another day in paradise…

  1. So many parallels! BG is likewise obsessed with transferring water from her water table to the yard–specifically to make a mud puddle so she can splash in her boots. I am constantly getting on Koa about woofing/barking because it scares BG and then she clings to me (which drives me nuts).

    But omg TWO YEARS waiting list?! What is this, some kind of ivy league preschool? I would expect that in New York but not in Iowa. I’m still on the fence about BG starting preschool part-time in the fall. The place is recommended and just around the corner from where we live, but it’s nothing special. But I reeeeally want some time to myself to accomplish things or go to appointments.


  2. Girl: read your own words! Get a job! There is daycare to be found, you just need to find it! Or a nanny! Or an au pair (that’s what I think you should do!). You like working. You miss working. It will make you miss your kids. I think you think you would be happier if you went back to work at least part time! So do it!!!!!


  3. My daughter has always been whiny and clingy ever since she was born, but recently (they turned two in April) she started being really independent. She says “me do it!” And “all by myself!” And sometimes when I am carrying her she says “me walk!” – I am really trying to encourage that behavior because I am super sick of the whiny clingy stuff too. I know Nora is around the same age, I hope it starts getting better for you!


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