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Happy Friday!

We made it to another Friday. Eric is on-call this week, and worked late EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I know I should be used to his schedule by now… but I’m not. I still get angry, discouraged, disappointed, overwhelmed, etc. when I hear he’s going to be late. Why is it the girls have to both cry and whine from 5-7pm?? Yesterday Nora and I were playing outside around 4:30pm and I saw several neighbors arrive home, I assume from work. Made me sad that scenario can’t be my reality.

Yesterday Eric was seeing patients at his Ft. Dodge clinic. Now I know this will piss some of you off, but… would I be a good blogger if I didn’t sometimes post controversial stuff? So I’ll just say it. I hate Eric has a clinic there. He is more than busy with his patients in the darn city where we live. I travel to Iowa City all the freaking time to see specialists, as I understand that some surgical specialties aren’t available in smaller cities. (Supply and demand people.) Ft. Dodge is small. Can’t those people travel for their care, just like I do all the freaking time with the girls? Eric going there a few times a month means even less time with him.

Monday is Eric’s birthday, and it sounds like for his gift he wants to spend the weekend away with his dad’s brother and family. I forget where now, but I think it’s a 3-4 hour drive from us. His uncle has a cabin on a lake and is inviting a bunch of people to stay the weekend. Not my kind of time away, and I have little to no desire to sit in a car with little ones for any length of time. Eric wants to go though, and mentioned this morning he would like to take Nora. Now, I personally think it’s a horrible idea, but I’m not going to tell him no. I just think once he gets there with her he might regret it. Kids out-of-town, overnight, are a lot of work. Plus, he wants to stop on the way back and spend time with some friends in Des Moines that he hasn’t seen in a while. The weekend would be easier for me with just Nadia… Another weekend alone though. I did purchase gifts for Eric, whiskey glasses and an aluminum wallet. Eric is very picky… so we’ll see.

In other news… I think I’m having a mid-life crisis. Am I in my mid-life?? Anyway… You know I still have the idea of opening a coffee shop in the back of my mind… But I have other ideas too. Maybe I have too many ideas. I need to focus and narrow down my options. But how? And are any if these good ideas when I have two little girls? And would like a third child at some point… which would probably be another high-risk pregnancy ending in the birth of a preemie…

  • There is the traditional job avenue. Meaning, what I was doing before I had the girls. I started updating my resume a few weeks ago, but I’m not extremely motivated to get back into boring finance/accounting work… Do you blame me? Also, being we are in the 39% tax bracket, and I pay our sitter $12.50 an hour, I might end up bringing home less than I pay our nanny. Depressing. Yes, something to be said for working and being happy, but still. Plus, the search for jobs in this area hasn’t turned up much. Seems this city is all about labor and manufacturing positions. Which doesn’t surprise me.
  • So new idea… And this might surprise some of you, but what about me opening a salon/spa? I have the business background with my undergrad in Finance and MBA, but I would obviously need the trade schooling. We have a couple of options here in town, my fear though, is that I’d be in classes with 18 year olds. Being 37 and having worked in professional environments, I just have a strange feeling I might be a little out-of-place. Crazy idea? I’m not so sure the idea of doing hair interests me as much as skin care/make-up. And I realize the money isn’t going to come from offering those services myself, but rather from owning the business. I have not mentioned this idea to Eric yet… I wonder what his response will be.

16 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. My husbands schedule is crazy. He comes home after the kids are in bed 3 times a week and is always stuck in traffic so I totally understand. This is what I signed up for and I’ve been dealing with it for 9 years but it still frustrates me!!!

    1. Good to know it’s normal to still be annoyed after all these years 🙂

  2. I usually don’t comment but I have followed your blog for awhile. I think I first came across it on an infertility site, which I also struggled with. The MD and me title caught by eye, I think. I am a podiatrist so I can relate to a lot of your family struggles only it was me working the crazy long hours during residency until I got out into private practice. I also have an MBA as well. I was just wondering if you could email me I have a couple of business ideas for you that I think would work and it would be easier to email than post here. I can also give you a link to my blog so you can see I’m a normal person, lol. My husband I met in Des Moines. He got his MBA at Drake and I did my schooling at the DO school in Des Moines. I’d love to chat through email if you get a chance!

    1. Just sent you a quick email so you’d have my address!

  3. I wouldn’t let Nora go without you. There will be a bunch of strangers there (ppl Eric doesn’t even know) and bigger kids. And a lake. Will Eric watch her every second? Probably not. He is going there to relax and hang out with the people he wants to see. Nora will hate it and she could be hurt. I am also paranoid about child molesters and this situation is a prime opportunity–lots of kids, adults not paying attention, and Nora isn’t old enough to articulate if something happened to her. Sorry to be negative but this situation makes me anxious. XOXO

    1. I got a few more details from Eric… It’s a man-made lake on his uncle’s property, so private to his family members. The other kids that will be there are Eric’s cousins children, so a little older than Nora, but definitely not big kids, thankfully. I guess this makes me feel better. And I will still worry like crazy, but I guess that is what moms do. I know Eric is an awesome father, and while he isn’t used to watching Nora every single second like I do, I trust she is in good hands.

      1. I am obviously paranoid/jump to worst-case scenario (I can at least partially blame the prednisone for my increased anxiety). Sorry I am such a freak! XO

        1. You are not a freak!

  4. Did my previous comment post? I don’t see it…

    1. Yep, just responded. And I am totally nervous. But… Eric is her father. And maybe the more times he takes her places alone the less nervous I’ll feel. I think some of my worry comes from my own upbringing. My dad was not involved in my care, so the very thought if a child going somewhere without their mother is a bit foreign to me.

      1. My dad was in the home but did absolutely zero childcare and so I feel the same way–couldn’t imagine going anywhere with him. But Mr. MLACS is everything I could hope for in a dad for BG, so I trust him. But I still would want to be there or have him stay home with us. XO

  5. Honestly, I get why you’re annoyed about Eric going to Ft. Dodge. I have to travel 30 mins for all of my stuff as we have very limited medial options here in town. Why don’t they have someone from Des Moines or Sioux City go to Ft Dodge? Some things don’t make sense!!!

    If I was you, I would be saying no to Nora going on the trip. Seeing some of the not so smart decisions my husband has made around his family when it comes to my kid would make me balk at the idea. Plus, she’s used to bedtime with you every night, how is she going to tolerate a new place without mom?

    Also, I’m finding it hard why he wants to take any free time he has and not spend it with you and the kids at home or somewhere local.

    Sorry, not trying to bash here. Just opinionated, that’s all. I had my first night of putting the kiddos to bed myself while my husband was out with a friend and while it was ok, I don’t want every night to be like that.

    1. I assume the physicians in Des Moines realize there are busy enough and don’t need to bother traveling. I guess the thing about Eric is, he really truly cares so much about his patients. I mean, he gets upset is one has a bad outcome… He really cares. Which is a good and bad for a doctor, in my opinion. The more time and effort he puts into caring for patients though, takes away from his family time 🙁

      How does one tell their husband they can’t take their own child somewhere though? He is her dad. He is usually a responsible adult. I know he won’t drink with her there. He said he would watch her like a hawk. The last time he took Nora somewhere and I expressed concern he got angry, saying I trust our 21 year old nanny more than him… I don’t know… I will worry regardless.

      As for him wanting to get away and see family, I think part of it stems from his father dying last year. This get together at his uncles is a yearly party, normally his parents would go, but we never have, as Eric is usually working. I think Eric wanted to see his dad’s side of the family, maybe to somehow be closer to his dad, memories perhaps.

      And I love your opinions. Keep them coming! Putting kids to bed every night alone totally sucks!

  6. I think having Nora go with Eric is a great idea! What a wonderful way for her to get some quality daddy-daughter time — and to hang out with relatives — and to give Eric the opportunity to be the fully responsible, hands-on parent, something it sounds like he doesn’t get much chance to do. Especially if he suggested it, I would jump at the opportunity! The earlier he starts doing things like this, the easier it will be to do them later. I think it’s grand. (And a nice break for you, too.)

    1. I think you are the first person who thinks this weekend is a good idea! I really do hope it goes well!

  7. I agree with Sara. GREAT IDEA for daddy/daughter time.

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