Memorial Day & Eric’s Birthday

It is Memorial Day and Eric’s birthday! Eric left with Nora Saturday morning around 10am. It is now Monday morning around 10am. Yes, I worried constantly, and missed both of them, but Eric kept me informed of their activities, sent me lots of pictures and videos and we even Facetimed yesterday morning. I’m anxious for their return! An hour ago Eric texted that Nora was still sleeping, so it will be a few more hours yet until they arrive home. Here is one of the clips Eric sent me…

The weekend here with just Nadia felt very strange, a first of its kind. Saturday it rained but I ran a few errands with Nadia and then yesterday it was gorgeous weather so I finally picked up a few flowers for pots. Here she is ready to head out with me. FullSizeRender 17I wore Nadia most of the day in one of my front carriers and she loved it! Gosh though, she is getting heavy! And even hands-free it’s a lot of work to wear a child and shop for flowers! Saturday night I was up late finishing another Etsy product, a blanket, so Nadia and I both fell asleep last night around 8pm. She, of course, was still up several times during the night to eat, but I got some much-needed sleep. I’ll post separately with some pictures of the white baby blanket I knitted.

I will say, while one child, a seven-month old, is much easier than with the addition of Nora to watch, I found myself a bit lost on how to entertain Nadia this weekend. I think lately with both Nora and Nadia I’m so caught up in what Nora is getting into, that Nadia just has to hang out in the background, usually a swing. With just Nadia, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with her when we were home and she was awake. She still doesn’t nap well during the day so we had lots of hours together. She laid next to me some in the bobby and chewed on teeters while I’ll knitted, and laid under a little gym thing we have too, but she doesn’t really care to be left alone. If she is on the floor she will immediately roll to her stomach, and then gets pissed off. I know she can roll from stomach to back, but I haven’t seen her do it in a very long time. She basically wants to be held, and grab my hair, and give open-mouth, wet ‘kisses’, which is very sweet… I should cherish these moments, but of course, in my true fashion, I’m always trying to do 13 things at once and often miss the tender moments with my girls…

I wonder what goes on in Nadia’s brain, if she already knows that if she lets out a tiny cry, I will come running…

Yesterday afternoon I did make Eric a birthday cake, chocolate fudge with fudge frosting. He and Nora need to get home soon so I can dig into it!

Eric is off this week, although it was rather last-minute and thus he and I both have several random appointments and therefore will be staying in town. Friday I’m going to see a friend and I’m super excited to reconnect. It’s been way too long! I’m not sure how the rest of today will pan out. I still haven’t showered, and I’d like to plant some of the flowers I bought yesterday. It’s Eric birthday though, so I’ll let him choose our afternoon and evening plans. I have a feeling he and Nora will just want to chill after their long weekend together though.

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