Must Lose Baby Weight

You guys aren’t going to believe this… I just dropped Kona off for grooming! A bath, de-shedding something or other, nail grind, and her teeth brushed. Ha, that should be especially fun for them! It will be like a brand new Kona! And of course the grooming place is in Waterloo, a good 20 minutes from our house. We have a sitter today, not my usual favorite one, but the new summer girl, Cassidy. So I’m sitting at Starbucks wasting the three hours until Kona’s spa treatments are complete. I could be shopping, but ya know, Starbucks is cheaper… Only so much I can buy here.

Speaking of Starbucks, I’m trying to be more serious about losing some of this baby weight. Key word trying. I know, I’ve said this before. And I might have to say it again in a week, or two, or a month. Maybe if I put it all out there and have some if you hold me accountable. Here is my weight chart… AHHHHH. No judging. Notice the recent gain. No idea. Couldn’t possibly be all the Starbucks I consume. But… In my efforts to be better I’m having an unsweetened iced green tea. And for breakfast I had two eggs and a string cheese. Way better choice than the Dunkin Donuts on the counter I really wanted.FullSizeRender 21

I opened up my Weight Watchers app this morning… It seems to me I paid for an entire year of use just a few months ago. I hate it though, maybe it would be easier to just count calories… Thoughts? My breakfast was 7 points. Seems like a lot for not a lot of food. And being I’m out and about, what the heck am I going to have for lunch that doesn’t contain more ‘points’ than I’m allowed all day?

I guess I should add a paragraph or two in here about how I love my babies and love my post-baby body and blah blah blah. I do love my babies, but I also love all my pre-baby clothing. And I have every intention of looking good in them again. At some point. And no, I’m not judging those of you who have no plans to wear such clothing of your own again. To each their own. But this is my plan. Wish me luck!

Oh, and seeing another house this afternoon. I have no plans for liking it, and there aren’t even pictures of the inside online yet 😦 People, I’m seriously to the point where I want to look again at houses out-of-town, closer to where we lived before…

4 thoughts on “Must Lose Baby Weight

  1. I am with you on wanting to fit into my pre baby clothes (and might i add mine just turned TWO). Over the past 6 months I’ve basically given up and gained a ton of weight. I was in my pre baby clothes but now I’m not even in my fat clothes. I restarted weight watchers (for the 834987908579 time) today. Let’s keep each other motivated!


  2. Well you can come sit beside me because I want my bikini body back as well! And moreover, my face–which is SO pudgy from all the drugs I’m on… I could cry looking at pics from a year ago. I use myfitnesspal to track calories and omg it’s hard to stick to the alotted amount when you have to tally every teaspoon of ketchup–it adds up quick. Does make me eat healthier though and skip empty calories. XO


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