Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields

Not sure what to say about this yet… So I’ll just say it.

I decided to become an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields. I’ve used some of their products in the past and really liked them. I just wanted the discount, that’s really why I became a consultant. But now I find myself checking my site to see if anyone ordered. Even though I’ve told very, very few about the site.

I’m one of those people who hate being bothered by friends to buy stuff I don’t really need. Mainly because I usually feel like the friend is trying to make money. And if they really need money, they should just ask me for it and I’d help them out. Wait, that didn’t come out right. We all need some amount of money, to live and such. So wanting to make money isn’t the bad part. I guess its more the constant party invitations I receive. I guess I see it as, if I really need something, I’ll seek it out. But… who really needs any of this stuff people sell. Including Rodan + Fields. I think the products are great, but people in Africa live without them. Therefore they are a want. Certainly not a need.

That said, I still think they offer some worthy products. Backed by actually dermatologists. So the link to my site is below. That’s all. Check it out. Buy if you want. Or don’t. I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive.

Here in lies why I sucked as a mortgage lender. I really just suck at sales. I don’t want to push stuff on people.

Shop Stef’s Rodan + Fields site

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