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Nadia’s 9 month check-up

This morning was Nadia’s 9-month check-up with our regular pediatrician in town. No shots, thank you God! I did leave a bit discouraged though…

Last week we had Nadia’s neonatology high-risk check-up in Iowa City, basically a visit where they check milestones, fine and gross motor, social, physical, etc. It all looks like playing with her to me, but I know it’s a lot more than that! I left that appointment feeling great. There were a couple of areas where she wasn’t performing at 100%, but they evaluate based on an age range, that visit being 6-9 months. Her adjusted age as of today is 7 months 15 days, so they said she technically had several more weeks to meet all the milestones they were testing for before they would be concerned.

So today, our pediatrician was more concerned, specifically regarding:

  • Nadia makes no attempts to crawl, basically just lies on her belly and cries rather than attempting to push herself up on her hands or knees.
  • The only sounds Nadia makes are the traditional high-pitched squeals babies make. She does not make other babbling sounds, such as da, ba, etc.

Our pediatrician is referring us to physical and speech therapy. I don’t know the details yet, as those providers are supposed to contact me to set appointments. I don’t want to be that mom who’s in denial that there is a problem with their child. But I do think its a bit early to start therapy. But… what the heck do I know? Perhaps the sooner the better. Iowa City always tells me that preemies are known to be a bit delayed, even for their adjusted age. Isn’t it possible Nadia will catch up on her own, without therapy? Nora did everything early, so this is all new to me. And perhaps I’m just terrified to learn there really is an issue with Nadia’s brain… remember her brain bleed in the NICU, and the spot on her brain they found on the MRI that showed lack of oxygen at some point shortly before birth?

Last week Nadia did also see ophthalmology in Iowa City. Thankfully her optic nerves, retinas, and vision is perfect! We don’t need to return to them for 12 months!

6 thoughts on “Nadia’s 9 month check-up

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine thr possible fears you have. I’m all about early intervention when possible because I figure it cannot hurt. I’m so worried aboht Little MPBs lack of words that we have really considered early speech therapy even though our doctors tell us not to worry about it yet. Sometimes it’s so hard knowing what’s best!

    1. I know… and you’re right, can’t hurt. Better early I guess. Just scary, the not knowing.

  2. I always have advocated for Nolan for early intervention. They may say nothing is wrong, they may say here are some things to do differently, or they may just say wait and see. I have always tried to look at the possibility of setbacks as exactly what they are, scary but something that can’t be ignored. I have also viewed therapies as a chance to not only get my child up to where they should be but the chance to pass their peers. Nolan had speech and so we are using those techniques to improve to where he should be but also to pass his peers. A final thought. Each kid is different and they do things at their own pace. Carly has done everything sooner than Nolan, in some areas she is better, they do them when they are ready. Lost of positive vibes Nadia’s way!

    1. I know it can’t hurt. Just scared I guess.

  3. I think you’ve nailed the dischord. You want your child to be okay but when medical caregivers are concerned it feels like cause for worry. Then you want to stuff that worry down… at least that’s how I’ve felt when one or the other of my boys causes letters to be sent or referrals to be made. I also believe early intervention is usually better than late or none but it isn’t easy to think about the what ifs.

    1. Yes… exactly!

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