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Nadia’s Cardiology Appointment

Do you ever feel like some appointments are complete wastes of time…?

Nadia had one episode of SVT in the NICU, which did require her heart being shocked with those paddle things, but… Over a year of medication three times a day seems excessive based on one episode, when she was a preemie, whose heart wasn’t ready to beat on its own outside the womb to begin with yet. But, I’m not a cardiologist, so… Our appointments seem a bit pointless though, as all they do is listen to her heart, adjust medication based on weight, and send us on our way. Three hours in the car round trip, for maybe an hour at the hospital.

Today they decided not to adjust her dose, but rather to leave it stable and thus begin to wean her off the medication. We can home with a portable heart monitor she will wear for the next 24 hours. We see the doctor again in three months, at which time another 24 hour monitor will be sent home with us. I think we repeat that every three months for the next year as her dose continues to be lowered. I am thankful we haven’t had more heart issues… But the drives to Iowa City, this being the third in the last seven days, are wearing me out. FullSizeRender 26Nadia was super happy after her EKG, in the photo above… but the drive home was another story. I think she is getting her two top front teeth. And they seem to be coming in pretty far apart. Is that an issue??

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  1. She is adorable and I am glad they are weaning her off the meds. I also understand that would be annoying to make so many trips there for both girls. You would think they could coordinate those better for you!! On the teeth front. Mac has a big gap between her two fro t teeth and I thought it would be better after her permanent ones came in but it is still there. I had to have the muscle between gums and lips cut for mine to grow together. They tell me that isn’t what they do anymore so we will see as she keeps getting her adult teeth. All that to say I wouldn’t worry about the placement.

    1. I’ll try not to worry for now, thank you!!

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