Typing Fast

Both the girls are sleeping… typing quickly as time is limited 🙂

That third therapist that I finally was able to get an appointment with… My insurance will pay nothing toward those visits since she’s out of network. Boo. The lady with my insurance company did give me the name of a woman who is covered though, in Waterloo. Can you believe my insurance covers not a single provider in Cedar Falls? Ugh. Anyway, first opening is end of July, which does me no good to work on the issue with Eric’s mother related to her invitation to the girls’ baptisms. Still no progress there, as the topic has been avoided. At this point I’d rather cancel the baptism or not have a party at all rather than deal with it all. I told Eric his mom was welcome to come to the baptism at the church, but not welcome at our home for the after celebration. He said that was ridiculous. She kicked me out of her home, but I’m not allowed to not invite her to mine. Interesting.

Yesterday were Nadia’s 9 month pictures. They were originally scheduled for last week, but it rained. Well, it rained yesterday too. Must be me, as I seem to bring rain with me where I go. The photographer really wanted to do an outside shoot at Palisades State Park in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Very pretty place, but 90 miles from my home. So much driving lately with all the doctors appointments too lately. Anyway, we got there just as it was starting to thunder. We went down on the beach by the water and got lots of cute (I think) shots of Nadia in three different outfits before it started to rain on us. Side note, it’s really hard to dress and undress a baby in nice clothing on a muddy, sandy beach. Nadia wanted to eat the sand, I can’t tell you how many times we had to stop so I could scoop out her mouth or wipe mud off her face and hands. I’m really hoping the three outfits wash well so they can be worn again. I’m anxious to see the proofs but I expect it to be a few weeks until they’re ready. Oh, and our new van, mud and sand in that too… And the cute sandals I was wearing, and Nadia’s car seat… you get the idea.

It’s been two days now since I called Blessed Beginnings, the daycare whose wait list Nora has been on for over two years. I called a few months ago and we were 17th still on the list. They haven’t called me back. How long do I wait until I call them again? I’m getting annoyed. Are they brushing me off? They don’t even know Nadia exists… And I’m not completely against in-home, but I’d prefer a center with more children for Nora to interact with and build her socal skills. 

My task for today was to clean out a cabinet and counter and attempt to get all of the crap on the counter into the cabinet. So far all I’ve accomplished is dishes. And I guess the girls are still both alive and well. That’s something, right?? Does every mother count the minutes until nap time and then pray they take longer than normal naps? No? Can’t be just me, right? The peace and quiet to eat my Funyuns is amazing!

Sorry, this post is all over the place… Yesterday morning, in my attempt to meet more people here and try to like this city, I attended the Summer Grove at the same location as MOPs is held. MOPs doesn’t meet in the summer though, and while MOPs is very social, I think the Grove is more focused on religion. Definitely not as much chit chat, but still a good experience. Yesterday’s topic was the Bible, what it is, how is it important in our lives, etc. The Grove meets weekly for the next five Wednesdays. I sat next to a mom I know from MOPs, but there were two other ladies at our table, both very nice, both with four children. They must have some pointers for me!

I fear my ‘free time’ is almost up, so I best go prepare for the rath that is Nora in her terrible twos. 

7 thoughts on “Typing Fast

  1. Please forgive me in advance.
    You are trying to put too much in your kitchen cabinets. You need storage for back up/seconds ~perhaps in garage or other location. ( I do not know how weather or other pest issues impacts your storage space.)
    If you only keep 1 box of an item in your kitchen with replenishment supplies in what I am calling ‘garage’ it helps.
    Also, turn your boxes in cabinet so name of item shows when you give quick glance, rather than the nutritional label, ~skinny side out like you have but with name showing.
    Consider getting clear plastic stackable containers with closable tops so you can see the products and level of content. (OXO pop containers are an example. Amazon or Container Store) You get more usable space. This also helps prevent food moths which are a real pain to get rid of beyond the yuck factor of larva in your food.
    You will find that two containers of baby goldfish fit into a much smaller space that way.
    With children the age yours are, you absolutely have lots more to store but keeping more in your backup storage space rather that in your kitchen really will help. Then when you get the new box of pasta out of ‘storage’ you write it on your shopping list to replace in storage.
    Keep snacks on hand in kitchen for two days at a time only. Keep rest in the ‘storage’ area. As your kids get bigger and begin to browse the shelves and refrigerator to find what they might decide to eat this really really pays off. I also am a fan on having only 1 single variety of breakfast cereal (non-sugary) in the kitchen at a time as it stops picky-ness, prevents stale cereal and waste. I could not afford either financially or the space involved.
    This really does also mean you see what turns over and prevents discovering you have two open boxes of baking soda and 6 boxes of unused brownie mix and expired pull dated pasta cluttering up your immediate use space.
    I have had really tiny kitchens, and children, at the same time. Using this approach will allow you to have your counters and mind clearer. With two small children and all the medical appointments you have to keep on top of, you really are pushed and it is not easy. Anything that gives you clean visual space will help keep you on track and less harried.
    Good luck. And please do understand I am trying to offer ideas without knowing your house layout ~ and trying to help (not be an unsolicited self proclaimed guru). I learned the hard way, hate to see you under such pressure.


      1. Thank you for reading it as I intended. I would totally come, but a 3 day drive from where I am. You might look and see if you can locate a certified organizational professional….. THAT YOU LIKE AS A PERSON. They can help.
        Consider having the sitter take the children to the park or a rec center or some such so you get time at home. Even if you had to provide the transport to and from it would help.
        MIGHT your MOP group be a source for sharing child care?~ you take a child Nora’s age to play with Nora and then vice versa ~~ 2 hours a share. Nora and her agemate will be slightly less demanding and that increases as the children get older. Not a ‘playdate where moms drink coffee at the same time’ but actual time off for the mom. Might need to start with the first variety so comfort levels happen…… This can be a life saver.
        You really really need that time IN YOUR OWN HOME with silence and peace.

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  2. oh my goodness i NEED nap time in my life. maeve woke up today after 30 minutes. she had a coughing fit, vomited all over me and the hallway on the way to the toilet. i got us both the shower and changed and rocked her a bit and made her go back in her crib to finish her nap. LOL mom.of.the.year over here 😉


  3. I know two on-line sites: ‘Flylady’ and ‘Unfu*k your habitat’ that focus on breaking things to do into small bites and getting things done. Because a good professional organizer might be hard to find close to you.
    Key with paid organizer is to carry a note pad and have them make their suggestions that you write down and implement on your own. Agree in advance that that is what you want to pay for ~ one or two hours and be focused on your biggest trouble spots not the entire house. Though I have known people who cannot actually DO IT without the organizer present. No stones being thrown here.
    Housekeeping is all about organization and increasingly people are growing up with knowing how to do it. Tiny bites repeated and the elephant is eaten.


    1. I worked a lot on our kitchen today and finally made some progress! And I organized some of the kids toys, although that task is far from complete. Maybe it never will be since they destroy everything as fast as I can put it all away.


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