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I feel like Nora is regressing a bit lately… When it comes to eating… The past week she has eaten much less than what is even normal for her, which is little to begin with. And she’s been crying lately for a bottle. I hate she still takes bottles at two, but… In bottles she either gets Pediasure or toddler formula meant for two year-olds. The formula is probably better for her than any real food I can get her to eat, as she is limiting herself to popsicles, ‘fruit’ snacks, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cheese, and the occasional frozen gogurt. The pediasure is pure sugar, so although it was recommended by the neonatologists who still follow her from Iowa City, I’m not a huge fan of it. And I know, plenty of moms with ‘normal’ kids will tell me she will eat when she’s hungry, but I’m beginning to think that isn’t the case. I’ve noticed often Nora is extremely moody, but if I give her Pediasure, she perks up and is happy, like perhaps she was just overhungry. Why wouldn’t she connect eating with feeling full?  Ugh…

My other thought is jealously… She sees Nadia getting a bottle and wants the same attention… I don’t know. I’m running out of ideas, but feeding Nora is seriously so stressful for me. I dread mealtimes. I don’t know what to offer her. She just stares at almost everything except her standard mac and cheese. How many meals in a row can a child eat the same thing??? She used to like apples, but even those she turns her nose up at lately. Most vegetables she spits out. She did eat quite a few pistachios at dinner tonight, which shocked me. Of all things for her to eat!

I know Nora isn’t gaining weight, as she steps on our scale every morning as she likes the beeps it makes… Nadia is so much easier to feed, as so far she likes lots of the baby food I’ve tried with her. I wasn’t originally going to do baby food with Nadia, thinking baby-led weaning would be easier. But I did the baby led shit with Nora and see how well that worked out! So Nadia is getting jars of stuff that sometimes smells awful, but she likes it!

Tomorrow afternoon is Nadia’s first physical therapy appointment. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m nervous. I guess I don’t want to find out she’s behind in meeting milestones for her age. But perhaps knowing sooner rather than later is better…


  • JJ

    My guess is jealousy. My newly 4 year-old recently started sucking her thumb (after giving up her paci 6 months ago). I asked her why and she told me it’s because her brother (1) does it. She has also started carrying a blanket around (he does that too), and talking in baby talk. I asked her why she does that and she said it’s so she can talk to her brother. I finally had to tell her that she needs to talk like a big girl because he is learning from her. She also wants me to carry her a lot, which I’m sure is because her brother gets carried a lot.

    As far as the food issue goes, I don’t have any advice. My 4 year old is extremely picky too; luckily my 1 year old is not. A lot of times I feel bad about what I feed her because it isn’t necessarily the healthiest, but then I realize I have to choose my battles and as long as she is eating…

    • Stefanie @ The MD & Me

      You’re probably right. I wish Nora could tell me stuff though… well, stuff that actually means things!

      So far Nora has eaten maybe two noodles, one almond, one triscuit thin crisp, and four spoonfuls of Nadia’s baby food for dinner…

      • GK

        I was just about to ask if she will eat Nadia’s dinner. I have no idea about how to get a child to eat but you’ve said it might be jealousy so perhaps you could use that to your advantage by making it a competition with Nadia who can eat the most. I appreciate that at the moment that won’t get much food into Nora because Nadia is still weaning but in the coming months as Nadia eats more varied foods it might encourage Nora to do the same. Good luck with the assessment tomorrow x

      • JJ

        If it makes you feel any better. We were at a picnic for my work tonight and my 4 year old ate a hot dog bun with ketchup on it, an applesauce pouch (because I forced her) and a brownie. But at least she ate something – right? 🙂

  • Samantha

    My boys are/were horribly picky eaters. And while they weren’t preemie (taking that concern out for me) it still stinks to fight at each mealtime for them to eat. I will say that they usually do outgrow it, particularly as communication skills improve. Theo eats nothing. Adrien has gotten really good. And right now i try not to stress over what they eat (easier said then done) rather than that they eat. It makes me sad when all Theo wants to eat is pasta and cheese but if he’s willing to eat that, than I tell myself, this too shall pass. My oldest has become significantly better and eats almost anything now. Hugs.

  • crone

    All of this is flat out hard. Good luck! You are doing a good job of hanging in and advocating for both your girls.

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