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Nadia’s Physical Therapy Evaluation

Nadia’s Physical Therapy (PT) Evaluation was as expected today… The therapist was super, super nice and helpful. The environment was super relaxed, and I didn’t take Nora, as requested, so I was able to fully focus on Nadia and participate in the exam.


As expected though, Nadia is slightly behind in meeting first year milestones. Not to the point where she can’t catch up, but thus behind according to this particular PT for her adjusted age of about 8 months now. The good news though, is that this therapist doesn’t see any reason why Nadia won’t at some point function as a completely normal child regarding such milestones. This was huge for me to hear, as the neonatologists seem to shy away from saying such… Ever since Nadia’s brain bleed and lack of oxygen to her brain was discovered, I feel like so many doctors are scared to predict future behavior. And I realize no one truly knows, as the brain, especially a baby’s brain, is a magical thing capable of much healing, but still, hearing no major issues were found at this point was pretty huge for me.


I wish I could really remember everything that was discussed, but since most of it was a bit foreign to me, I just can’t. I do know the PT reviewed Nadia’s movements, making sure she was using both sides of her body equally, arms and legs, which she is. I knew this was the case through from several neurology exams, but still nice to hear again.


Nadia was not the biggest fan of the PT, but this wasn’t surprising, as Nadia seems to scream for most strangers lately. This is our homework for the next week…

FullSizeRender 27

All this sounds simple though… We shall see! The therapist would like to see Nadia weekly for the next four weeks and then we’ll re-evaluate to see how many more visits, if any, are required.



  • JJ

    This is great news! Glad to hear you had a good, promising, upbeat appointment. My little guy, who was full-term, had to go to PT because they were worried he wasn’t crawling yet at a year, and it turns out he was just doing things on his own timeline. I found it very encouraging though as our PT was also very positive and helpful in understanding everything, and not making me feel like he had a deficit. I hope the appointments continue to go well.

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