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Park Play Date

Remember the Mom’s Club I joined almost a year ago? We go to a few meet-ups every now and again. Today they held a park playdate. And I want to say it was fun. I mean, it was, but it was so stressful for me. I had a sitter today, as Nadia had the PT appointment in the afternoon, so this morning I left Nadia home and just took Nora to the park.


People, she clung to me for the entire first hour!


Seriously! All the other kids were off playing together, and she was crying unless I was carrying her around. What am I doing wrong?? Is it because I stay home with her, because she isn’t around other kids enough? After the first hour passed she finally opened up a bit and started to play, although she still tended to shy away from most of the other kids… Ugh.


Here are a few pictures I was able to get of her finally playing!

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