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Stalked the Neighborhood

The girls and I stalked the Hudson house neighborhood today, so to speak. I took them to Hudson and we basically walked around the neighborhood a few times to get a feel for the area and gawk at the house for sale.


The neighborhood is very cute. Not new by any means, I think most of the houses were built around 2000, so 15 years old or more. But, that means the neighborhood is nice and quiet, unlike our current, which is NON-STOP construction as right now at least 15 homes are being built, six on my street alone. Oh, and there are trees! Atmosphere, lots of mature trees! The neighborhood itself is rather small though, only a few streets, but still a nicer area for walks than where we currently live.


My main concern is still living in a town even smaller than Cedar Falls, as you know I hate the lack of options here. So of course, moving isn’t going to solve that. But… I don’t think it makes that issue worse either. Me, being a nerdy accountant, I made a chart of driving distances, well, in time (minutes) and surprisingly, this proposed house is actually closer to most of the places I routinely travel.


The locations which are further, at the bottom of the list, like the country club, seriously don’t matter. We do go there to swim some, but not a necessity. And I’m not sure if the girls would still go to St. Pat’s for school if we moved, or if we’d investigate the schools there. I don’t even know how that works… I’m seeing the house at noon tomorrow.

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  1. Its funny you mentioned trees…. When we moved that was something I looked forward to, living in a neighborhood with trees! Our last neighborhood was a new development and I never realized how much I missed trees!!

    1. I know, the atmosphere is important! Our current neighborhood has nothing!

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