House Tour

I really, really liked the house, enough to want to take Eric back to look, as he is, of course, working today. There are a few things I’d want to re-do, like some light fixtures which are quite fancy and not my taste, maybe the flooring in the formal dining room, but honestly, it’s not anything that would have to be done right away. Just cosmetic stuff if we find the time. The house has a lot of space, really way more than we actually need, but who knows, maybe we would find we like the extra space. The bedrooms are all good size, which is so nice, they even have walk-in closets for the girls. The current owners just repainted the entire house and all the trim. Most of the colors are blue/grey, which is okay, except they don’t really match any of our furniture. We currently have a lot of teal/sea-green in our home. Hum… Not the end of the world I guess. All the carpet is new, and there is new wood flooring, which might not be awesome since we have a dog who will probably ruin real wood. Maybe she can live in just one wing of the place!


I’m hoping Eric can find time Friday to see it, pending when our realtor is available. The real question though is… do I want to stay in the Cedar Falls area? Or move back closer to Iowa City? I realize this particular house is in a very small town, but it feels more like an extension of our current city. But do I want to stay here? Options here are still so, so limited for everything. Oh, and we are even further down on the daycare list here than I thought. Nora is 23rd, not 17th like she was a few months ago when I called. What the…IMG_8111

I’m so, so over the daycare situation here. Of course, I emailed one closer to where we used to live, and they didn’t call me back. Should I just open my own? I don’t actually want to work there, God no. I hate others people’s children. (Kidding. Sort of.) Can I just own it?


I peaked for jobs again here this afternoon… Nothing. Depressing. I’m so confused. I really do like the house. But what if we buy it, move, and then I decide I still don’t want to be here?


Maybe I need to make a list of pros and cons…

2 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. What does your husband think of moving closer or back to Iowa City? Have you asked the DayCare how they operate their waiting list? Over two years wait seems … long, or do they run siblings as priority, is it by age groups (is there simply no space in her age group), do they prioritize working parents or foster children or children with disabilities … or limit children with disabilities? Is this in line with your personal values? No idea population size where you are but would think there might be other options?


    1. Eric is open to the idea of moving closer to where we came from… but I think mainly because he is sick of hearing me complain about it here…

      I went and talked to my daycare today… I’ll write more about that in an upcoming post!


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