Daycare Visit

I visited our proposed daycare center today. Again. My first visit was back when I was pregnant with Nora. When we were placed on their waitlist. Over two years later we’re still waiting, Nora is still 23rd on the list. So I wanted to know why, in person. The answer was fairly vague… Not enough spaces, lots of others waiting, siblings get priority, blah blah blah. I have zero faith Nora will get a spot before next August when she can start three year-old preschool. So there goes that idea. Plus, I wasn’t all that impressed with the facility, or the ‘teachers’ who aren’t actually teachers. I like have elementary education, early childhood education, special education, etc. majors who come to our home, as the girls receive one-on-one attention. But its expensive. And they aren’t really getting the social interaction I long for… I’m a bit at a loss of how to solve that though, since I called around to other centers in this area, and their wait lists are just as long, two years or more. Ugh. I’m frustrated and overwhelmed.


How frustrated am I?? Enough that I seriously, honestly to God, checked into opening my own center. Not just any center though. An upscale ‘daycare’ that focuses more on education, not just baby-sitting. Anyone have experience with a Kiddie Academy? There aren’t any in my current state, but I filled out a franchise application and I’m supposed to speak with the franchise director later this week. No seriously people, there is such a need here, how could it not be lucrative? With my undergrad in Finance and MBA I’m surely willing to take on the business aspect… But I’ll obviously need someone with an educational background too. With the University of Northern Iowa here, which is cranking out teachers like crazy… And yes, this isn’t a traditional teaching career, but it actually pays better than most public school positions, so if I can find the right people, it’s a win win. I know, I’m making it sound way simpler than it is. Just another idea of mine… We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Daycare Visit

  1. The centers with the highest reputation here that are chains are Primrose school which we used for a little bit and liked just fine we were just used to in home and switched when we found one our neighbors used. The Goddard school and The Play School are the other two that stick out. You would a need a director with education experience.

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    1. I definitely need to do a lot of research, and find a trusted partner with educational experience as I clearly only have the business side of things covered. I’m excited though, a possible new venture! I’ll look up the places you mentioned!!


  2. Kiddie Academies don’t have a good reputation in my area and consistently have a lot of licensing violations in my state. Goddard and Montessori schools are usually considered moreso the “upscale” daycares.

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