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Physical Therapy

Today was Nadia’s second visit with the Physical Therapist (PT). The PT was actually quite happy with her progress, although personally, I see no progress. Nadia still isn’t crawling, although maybe she is reaching to the sides for toys when sitting a bit more now than she was a week ago. Nadia will use both of her hands to reach and grab for toys, but she much prefers her right, and also leans very much to her right when sitting. I think the PT was going to review Nadia’s most recent brain MRI to see on which side the brain bleed occurred.


Homework for this week is more of the same… encourage Nadia to reach when seated and during tummy time, both to the sides and in front of her. The PT also suggested taking Nadia to a park to swing, as she suspects that part of Nadia’s issues are related to her strong dislike of motion. I guess I’m not sure how much I believe this, as we’ve had her in swings with a lot of movement at home since she was born… I have noticed that Nadia prefers not to be held when drinking bottles. She much prefers lying on the floor or propped up on a pillow. Is that weird? Anyone else’s child not like being held when eating?


  • Caitlin

    I would give the swig at the park a try. Remember when she is in the swig at home her body is controlled. When at the park she has to engage her muscles to stay still or she will flop foward and back. Also carlyvhated the park swing for that reason at first so don’t give up! There came a point where each kid preferred to feed themselves and didn’t want to. E held but mention this to the therapist!

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