Offer Rejected

I just got this from our realtor…
Sellers are rejecting the offer for now but the list agent told me they are talking to their bank today to see if they can come up with some options to be able to move lower. 

6 thoughts on “Offer Rejected

  1. That makes sense if they only bought a year ago and didn’t put much down as many people seem not to do. They might have to bring money to the table to close. Good luck. Hopefully they come back to you.


  2. My dad had this problem a lot selling his house. People wouldn’t offer enough to pay off the mortgage and pay the realtor (even if what they were offering was fair). My dad looks like he’s wealthy too but he really mismanages his money. Sometimes things aren’t what they appear. My dad likes to look like he has it all and has gone into a lot of debt to make that happen.


    1. True… I get things aren’t always as they seem. And I assume they do have to come up with money to sell it. Ugh, I’m just annoyed, as I’ve found it so hard here to find something I liked… I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.


    1. Yeah…. I’m not exactly sure what it means. I know it’s not really a money issue from the looks of the classic cars filling the five garages. Although maybe they are already overextended, who knows. It sounds like an answer you give when you don’t want to give the real answer. Our realtor expects us to hear back from them when they figure out they aren’t going to get a better offer down the road…


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