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Apparently it’s Monday.

Eric finally got home from the hospital yesterday around 3pm and almost immediately got called back in. Some guy was in the ER with his penis stuck in his pants zipper. No seriously. I can’t even make this shit up. And this is not the first time Eric has been called in for such an emergency.

Eric was finally home for the day around 5:30pm yesterday, we had a quick dinner and then he packed for Ft. Dodge, as his clinic there is today and thus he drove up last night. It poured last night, thunder and lightning and the whole deal. So of course Nora woke. And dropped her ‘binkie’ outside her crib. And proceeded to lose her shit. So I read a few books to her, at 2am. Back to sleep until 4am when Nadia woke for her usual nighttime feeding. And then my alarm went off at 6:30am so I could shower before the girls were up, before the sitter arrived, as I had a dermatology skin check this morning. Nothing exciting, just follow-up every six months for the spot of skin cancer I had removed from my face a few years ago. (Moles and skin all look good!)

Starbucks could not be consumed quickly enough this morning. I even considered taking it into my doctor appointment, but for whatever reason that felt rude. On tap for the remainder of the day… buying groceries, possibly posting another ad for a school-year nanny, and more laundry. Oh yes, my very glamorous life!

Speaking of a school-year nanny. I’m so confused. The girl we really, really like will be back mid-August, and while she does have some availability during the school year, her time is limited as this will be her senior year and she will be student-teaching a lot. And planning her wedding, which is next summer! So… do I find a new person? I kind of hate having multiple people who regularly watch the girls. It’s more confusing to me to keep track of who is coming when and such. I’d rather have one person with more daytime availability. And then perhaps keep the several others on-call for evening and weekend needs. Not that we really ever use sitters on nights or weekends though…

Surely someone wants to care for these two cuties, right??



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  1. My guess is student teaching is going to be VERY time consuming and you should probably get a second person. Did you ever research an au pair? Eric works sooooo much, it would probably be a good investment

    1. I did research it a bit, but wasn’t sure I wanted someone living with us…

      1. Emma Anderson

        Local Childcare Consultant
        Cultural Care Au Pair
        563 340 9787

        If you ever want to look into it more, this woman is actually based in the QC and does matches

  2. based on my colleagues who have nannies, your best bet would be to have one person – but give them enough hours to justify staying exclusive to you. that’s the tough part.

    1. Yeah… as I don’t really need full time. Ugh, that’s always the problem!

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