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Giving up?

Eric and I had another discussion this morning about my MIL. Honestly, I feel like a broken record, both with him, and with this topic on here. None of you probably want to hear about it anymore!

Ultimately we still haven’t come to any conclusions. If there even are any. I think for me, allowing Liz back into my life, into my holidays and special occasions, is a lot more than just having to tolerate her, see her, etc. Maybe I think too much of myself, but I truly believe I deserve to be treated better… She swore at me, threw furniture, kicked me out of her home… and has yet to acknowledge her behavior. I know, she’s Italian and was grieving the death of her husband, I get it. But all that aside, I still deserve better, in my opinion. I don’t let others treat me like she did…

Allowing Liz back into my life feels like destroying a bit of my own dignity and respect.

Does that make sense? I don’t really know how to put my feelings into words… Eric is adamant that he can’t change her, though he has tried, and that she will not change. So I’m left being told I MUST bend and change for her. Of course I could do that, I could put on the happy face for the baptism and every other holiday, pretend all is well. But what will that do to me over time?

2 thoughts on “Giving up?

  1. WORSE than I thought.
    Telling you to leave her home. Throwing things. In front of the children.
    Nope!!! Not good role model for your children.
    Eric ought to be thinking if that is how he wants his children to behave……… and how he would feel if you took to such behavior. Next, why it is ok from his mother if not ok from his wife and children.You cannot force him to think about that either.
    Much sympathy!!!!! Super hard on you!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: I’d want the party part of the Baptism too.

  2. Yeah that’d be a deal breaker for me. Even in the crappy position I’m in (college degree but no career to return to, no savings or investments, and no family to help me out) I would *still* leave because I couldn’t live with a man who thinks so little of me that he would let someone–anyone–treat me that way *in front of my children*. I just couldn’t stay, because I could never forgive him for that. XOXO

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