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Nora – 28 Months

My baby is 28 months!!! Hopefully one of these days she’ll slow down, use less energy, and gain weight, as she’s still only 23 pounds, with clothing and a wet diaper. Or perhaps the feeding therapy will help. I expect a call from our pediatrician tomorrow with the referral. Nora definitely has her terrible two moments, but the sweet kisses before bed make all the headaches so worth it!


2 thoughts on “Nora – 28 Months

  1. My niece was very petite at that age. So small her mom had to put bungees in all her pants they would fall off of her. She’s 3 now and just now gaining weight. My sister in law told me that the doctors worried about her weight but she always felt as long as her daughter was happy and pooping and peeing there was nothing to be worried about. And now she’s gaining weight even though everything must have ketchup on it lol.

    1. Ha, yes, what would we do without ketchup!!?

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