Hot & Rainy

I’m over this weather. Either it’s 100F with 90% humidity, or raining, or both. I didn’t leave the house yesterday or today, so needless to say, I’m going a bit stir-crazy. Eric is on-call and has worked 13+ hours each day, physically at work. And then when he gets home he goes directly to the basement to dictate notes for several hours.

I was really, really missing Iowa City today. You know how we each have our happy place, where you feel relaxed? Mine, for whatever reason, is shopping malls. (Probably some deep-seated childhood issue, I don’t know.) Anyway, being it was hot as hell and raining today, I was really missing the mall in Coralville, right outside Iowa City. They have a Barnes and Noble with Starbucks for me, and a fairly decent, although very germ infested, play area for the girls. I know, it’s kind of sad when you miss a mall, but it’s somewhere to go on days like today. We don’t have that here. Our mall is 95% vacant spaces. Seriously. And no kid area. Ugh.

We did make it through the day though, and I even cleaned our master bedroom up a bit, went through some of my clothing, and made a donation pile. So a success on some small front.

Hopefully I find a way to get out of the house tomorrow…

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