Open Houses

The highlight of today… Three open houses. And none of them were good. And all of these were in Waterloo, where the schools aren’t the greatest compared to Cedar Falls. I’m so fed up with the real estate market here…

  • 2503 W 4th Street – All brick in an older neighborhood with lots of mature trees. Had a ton of neat features, but seems fairly over-priced compared to others we’ve looked at in the same price range. I would probably want to replace all the flooring and countertops…
  • 5024 S Fork Lane – I walked in and thought, hum.. this looks like our current house. Yeah, same builder. The builder I don’t want to build with again. Something about his materials… everything looks nice from a distance, but is crap up close.
  • 5040 S Fork Lane – Actually next door to the one above. And OMG, it was complete crap. So beat up… It needed every single wall and piece of trim painted. Oh, and it used to have a pool, that the current owner filled with cement! Who does that?? Pictures really hide a lot…

Please share your thoughts!

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