Do I always have to title these posts…? This one is random….

Sitter is back today, so finally a minute alone after a week. Ah… So nice! My book club I started meets later today, but for now I’m catching up on emails at a coffee shop. I need to schedule nanny interviews as our current is finished this Friday, fill out some paperwork for Nadia’s insurance, and possibly order baptism invites. Well, if I knew where the party was being held. And who was being invited. Don’t even get me started. It’s still not settled. Drama, I tell ya. And my blood boils every time I even think about it. I originally thought maybe I would combine the baptism and Nadia’s first birthday party, but now I’m thinking maybe it would be better to focus on each separately.

Way back when, when Nadia first started physical and speech therapy, Eric asked me if I wanted to hire someone to come to our home to work with her. At the time I was like, oh heck no, we don’t need that. Now, weeks later, and with the addition of Nora’s feeding therapy, I’m wondering if maybe that was a good idea. I’m not sure how that works though. I assume we just pay for it outside of insurance, which isn’t a problem. But how does one find such qualified people? We would still go to the official appointments too, right? Anyone know a lot about all this? I certainly don’t!

But there is a caveat to this… I would feel incredibly guilty hiring someone to help the girls. I guess I have in my head that’s it’s my job as their mom to do everything I can to support and help them, including working on our therapy ‘homework’. But honestly, this is so far from my natural talents. I have no training in this area, and let’s face it, I’m not one of those SAHM who is down on the floor with their kids every minute, dreaming up new ways to entertain and grow their children’s young minds. It’s just not me.


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  1. Because there are few people who can afford these services without insurance, it may be hard to get someone to come into your home. A couple options would be asking the “official” ones if they do any “moonlighting” for additional compensation. Checking the AEA and local schools to see if their older kids speech therapists make house calls. And checking local college and graduate school programs to see if you could get a student to make house calls: then they get paid to practice their newly acquired therapy skills and you get a scheduled time and person to come give extra help. Good luck!


  2. I think if you can get to them to come to your house and do the therapy that would be great. Our neighbors son does PT and OT and the therapist come to their house almost daily because it is so much easier. You will still be working with them and getting this stuff taken care of when they are little is so much easier.

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    1. Thank you for the website link! I called and was told we don’t qualify for two reasons… we make too much, and neither of my girls has a qualified disability. But… they gave me another number to try, so I just need to find more time to look into this more.


  3. We had therapy come to the house bc there was no way I was taking twins to therapy sessions multiple times a week. It came through a home health service and was covered by our insurance!

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