Another Friday

Lots of random updates…

  • Nora had her second feeding therapy session today. The three foods we took she won’t eat were scrambled eggs, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and strawberries. The therapist got her to lick the eggs, take a bite of strawberry and spit it out, and take a torn off piece of the sandwich, put it between her teeth, and drop it out onto the table. Apparently that was good. It doesn’t feel good to me, it doesn’t feel like progress. I don’t see how we will ever graduate from this program. When Nora will eat anything I put in front of her? When we aren’t still giving her bottles of Pediasure? Feels overwhelming to me. I think part of the problem might be that Eric is rarely to never home to share a meal with us. Even if he is home from work early, his idea of early is 7pm. I’ve certainly fed the girls dinner before 7pm, as that’s about Nora’s bedtime. The therapist keeps telling me that the foods I bring to work on in therapy should be foods that would make our home life meals easier, things I make a lot that I really want her to eat. Well, I don’t really have a lot of those types of things. Lately I make her the things I know she will eat, and I eat whatever, as Nadia has baby food. Any suggestions as to things your kids eat that are somewhat healthy that perhaps I could try with Nora? Sometimes I wonder if I’m causing her picky eating behavior by offering her the same things over and over.
  • Nadia seems to be babbling a bit more, kind of trying to spit and make sounds with her tongue. Not sure it’s due to anything I’ve done to help her though. I tried to teach her ‘more’ in sign language, but now she’s just clapping all the time. Our next speech therapy session is Monday, I’m anxious to see how that goes.
  • As for Nadia’s physical therapy, she’s still not crawling, but definitely moving around more, turning circles during tummy time and such, and rolling more. Slowly but surely perhaps.
  • I inquired a little bit through Early Access Iowa in regards to someone coming to our home to help with therapy. Apparently we make too much money, and neither of my girls have documented disabilities, therefore they don’t qualify. I wasn’t really looking for state offered help, but that’s all I’m finding so far. So, my next thought is maybe putting an ad on and just seeing who responds, be it students or professionals with an interest in coming to my home.
  • Speaking of state offered help, Nadia’s Medicaid review is due in a few days. I doubt we qualify, as now that she’s a year old it’s based on income rather than her status as a premature infant who has spent 30+ days in the NICU. I want to just throw the form away and allow her Medicaid to lapse, but our insurance is forcing me to reapply, which means gathering tons of data regarding our assets, liabilities, income, etc.
  • Baptism is in the works. I guess. Still not excited about the day, which is sad for me. I assume Liz will be in attendance, as Eric isn’t giving me a choice on the matter, which hurts. The baptism will be at our Catholic Church, and then we’re hosting a luncheon at the country club here. Strangely enough, Eric’s family is not at all religious, but yet we’re inviting all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins. Fewer on my side are being invited. Who knows who will actually come though. Maybe Liz will decide she doesn’t want to drive herself here. God I pray. I still need to order a cake, and figure out what all of us are wearing. Where does one get baptism dresses? I assumed the girls would be in matching white dresses since Nadia is now in 12 months and Nora can still fit into some 24 month size clothing. What else am I forgetting to plan? The baptism prep class is the evening of August 2nd, maybe that will help me know what else I need to do to prepare.
  • Next I need to start working on plans for Nadia’s first birthday party. AHHH.
  • Today is the last day with our current nanny. Feels odd to just be like, okay, see ya later. I mean, I will call her if we need a sitter on a random evening or something. I feel like I should have gotten her a gift, but what? And it’s kind of late now! I scheduled an interview with a prospective nanny tomorrow morning.
  • I’m so tired I could fall asleep writing this. Nadia wakes up three or more times a night. Sometimes to eat, sometimes just because she has a burp or her binkie fell out. Eric claims he doesn’t hear the girls. Don’t even get me started on this. Remind me to post on this topic separately. Well, him getting up with the girls, and him going out after work, when he already works like 15+ hours a day.
  • If you’re looking for a good book to read, my book club just finished “The Weathering of Sea Glass.” Really good story, but I will say, the author really, really needs a new editor. Lots of errors throughout the book. Oh, and it’s part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Reading, if you’re familiar with that program, so another bonus.
  • I mentioned Eric’s new schedule right? How he will have every third week off starting in August. Well, next week is August, and he’s supposed to have the first week off. So far I know he scheduled a case on Thursday. So we’ll see how this all goes…

6 thoughts on “Another Friday

  1. Once school starts, contact your local elementary school! I am a teacher and have helped out a little with therapies. Teachers always need extra money!

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  2. it sounds like PT is working and if Nadia is making new sounds that is progress. As far as feeding therapy and working with speech and teaching adults with disabilities and having my two. Getting kid to put something in their mouth is great progress. Think of a food you don’t like. If someone told you to eat something you didn’t like. You would turn your head at the sight and smell. Imagine that licking said food would be awful! Then putting it in your mouth would be horrific. Now imagine someone said today you will eat this food. Not going to happen!! But if you had the option to kick and or bite then spit??? Not so bad. Many once you taste it, you realize it’s not so awful! Nolan hates peanut butter. Every once in a while we reintroduce it by licking or biting. He still hates it. Ps I lie and say foods have peanutbutter if I don’t want to share😂. It seems like it takes forever but it’s progress. Ita overcoming texture or taste aversion. Give it time. Also we just have the kids eat what we eat. We don’t make them meals. We will let them pick a meal once a week but otherwise I cook wht the adults want and we have one meal. So if you want new ideas make whatever sounds good. It might help Nora to see you enjoying a meal! Good luck!

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  3. Hi there. I just found your comments about my book, The Weathering of Sea Glass…Thank you so much and I’m so happy you enjoyed the story. The editor was essentially a scam artist who stole my book briefly and Amazon had to step in, thank goodness. Long story, but there were lots of errors I discovered after the book was available. I had to just trust in the story and hope that would override the errors. My new book, Moose Pond Lodge, also set in Maine, is due out this week. You can contact me at or through my author page on FB, Karri L. Moser, Author, to learn more about it. I’d love to hear more about your book club, your thoughts on the book, and can even speak to your club via skype or messenger if you’re interested. Thanks again for mentioning my book in your blog.
    Karri L. Moser


    1. Oh wow, I’m honored you took the time to write to me! You’re a published author, that’s an amazing accomplishment! I wish I could put myself into your category! I will surely check out your next book, I’m adding it to my wish list now!

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      1. I spent a year researching between traditional and self-publishing. With the help of other writer friends, I was able to self-publish and dive into the world of marketing. Traditional publishers are insisting authors do the majority of their marketing, social media outreach, book their own events, etc. And, for only 15% of the profits, compared to 75-80% profit through self-publishing. If you’re interested, look into working with createspace. I’ve had more books sold through my own efforts, events, and reaching out to retail outlets than I would’ve if I had relied on a small traditional publisher. I was able to get The Weathering of Sea Glass into 7 book and gift stores up the coast just by doing my own research. And, I was able to do it on my own time, less time than a traditional publisher takes, and on my own terms. One publisher was interested in The Weathering of Sea Glass if I changed the ending to have Denny and Jackie get together via a formula romance. That would have changed the whole theme of the book, which is another reason to go the self-pub route–control over your book. I also got to a point where having my book in my hand was a life-long dream that I just wanted to have happen sooner rather than later. If an agent picks up your book, it can take a year to sell to a publisher, then another year or more before it is ever considered for print. I took the bull by the horns, made my dream come true and have made a profit. Well worth it. You can do it. Just research your options.


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