Not what I expected…

It’s August! And the start of Eric’s new schedule, a rotation of one week off and two weeks on. And it’s not at all what I expected.

Sunday he was on-call, since the fourth partner didn’t officially start until August 1st. So Sunday was a bit of a bust when it comes to vacation. A ringing call phone doesn’t really allow much vacationing. And per usual, Eric worked on patient notes Sunday night as soon as the girls went to bed.

Monday, still on-call, so similar. And Eric worked on patient notes during naps and again after the girls’ bed time. And… he met two of his three partners out for drinks and appetizers around 3pm. Apparently it was to celebrate the new guy starting. And I can’t completely complain, as it was at a bar/restaurant, and he took Nora. But still. Not family time. Oh, and while he was gone Nadia was difficult, as she was overly tired but refused to sleep. Her norm lately.

Today, Tuesday, finally not on call! But we did nothing fun. I didn’t even shower. Eric still had patient notes to catch up on, I did some laundry, ya know, boring house-necessarily stuff. Around 4pm Eric left to meet his partners for their weekly Tuesday evening ‘business’ dinner. I say ‘business’ because I’m sure they do talk about work, but…. I always tend to get the impression it’s more an excuse to get dinner and drinks together. Oh, and Eric wanted to go shooting with them this afternoon, but I bitched and thus he didn’t go. I hate bitching, but seriously!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I have a dentist appointment in Iowa City (remember how I hated the dentist I saw here?) so Eric will have the girls the entire day. But… me going to the dentist is not exactly fun.

Then Thursday Eric actually has a case (a surgery) scheduled, and I’m not sure his plans for Friday, if he’s off or what.

So needless to say, I’m annoyed.

  • There was no true family time, as when Eric was home he was mainly working on patient notes. Yes, he did interact with the girls more than he would get to on a normal week of him working, but still. As soon as they are napping he sneaks away to our home office.
  • Eric found a way to sneak in fun this week, while I watched the girls. My time away while he watches the girls will be the dentist. Which is not fun in my opinion.

I don’t think Eric truly realizes how unhappy I am in Cedar Falls, even though I’ve told him countless times.

  • All my friends are moms with kids. Even if I have a sitter, and get away, it’s usually to either buy groceries or meet another mom, who probably has her kids along. It’s rarely to never fun time for me. Where the heck would I even go here for fun?
  • Eric’s friends are also his partners, guys he’s been close with for years. He got to bring his friends here, I didn’t. And… these guys are all single. They don’t have a wife or kids to get home to. Which sucks for me, as they always want to be out drinking and such. I don’t think it’s healthy for Eric or our relationship that these are his only friends here. I don’t have the group of wives to friend and having Eric home with me and the girls means he’s said no to going out with them.

The more I think about it, the more I think I need to move back closer to where we used to live. It would be hard, as Eric would have to live in Cedar Falls the week he’s on-call, and commute the other week, but he’d have an entire week off, with us, away from his partners. But, I would be alone with the girls more. But I’d be closer to friends and family too. Ugh, I don’t know. Someone tell me what to do!!



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