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New Nanny

Ugh, I seriously want to post a new ad and start over with my search for a new sitter. And I know, today was the new girl’s first day, maybe I shouldn’t judge after the first day…

Eric and I both happen to be home today. Eric is off this week, and I didn’t plan anything on purpose as I wanted to be able to go over everything with the new sitter today. So yes, it was probably a bit odd for her, but some days I will be here. Today I cleaned, ran an errand, finished organizing Nadia’s room a little, and made dinner while she was here. Eric worked most of the day in the basement on patient notes.

I guess my biggest complaint is that she took no initiative with the girls. Maybe it was because we were home, but other sitters have stepped up. Like while I was making dinner and Nadia was screaming, I wanted to yell, go comfort her! Instead I was trying to carry around Nadia while cooking while the sitter just stared at me.

The TV was on to Curious George this morning when she arrived, and I explained that we do let Nora watch some TV. Later in the day the sitter turned the channel to MTV and basically just sat on the floor and watched. She would interact with Nora if Nora came up to her, but otherwise Nora was roaming the house while Eric and I watched her.

She didn’t change a single diaper the entire day. Again, maybe she thought that since we were home we would do it. But what the heck was I paying her for then??

When it was getting close to the time I told her we normally feed Nora lunch she was making no efforts toward the kitchen. It was awkward. So I ordered pizzas. Again, I guess if she was here alone she would have fed Nora and Nadia. Right?

I don’t know, the entire day was just really strange. I didn’t feel comfortable with her here at all. She’s very nice, but very quiet, and maybe she did feel strange, it being her first day with both of us here. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her. I don’t know. Maybe I should have spelled out her duties. I thought some of that stuff was assumed. I’m so confused. And not at all looking forward to Wednesday. Which OMG is Nadia’s 1st birthday. Which reminds me, I haven’t purchased a single gift for her. I feel like a bad mommy… We have no plans that day other than her speech therapy appointment. Talk about a lame 1st birthday. I guess I need to get onto planning her party.

8 thoughts on “New Nanny

  1. I’d fire that sitter!! And set some strict ground rules and expectations explicitly for her (and her successor) if you want to wait until you’ve got a replacement before tossing her. Yikes. I have done what you did and it ended badly.

    1. She has been fired! More to come on that!

  2. She *neglected* your kids right in front of your face. Whether she has good intentions or not, the fact is that she is not qualified to handle two small children or even one child. Your kids are not old enough to advocate for themselves so do not leave them with someone who neglected their most basic needs (comforting, diaper changing). I could see giving her a chance if she just didn’t play with them/engage them that much, but she watched tv and did nothing. Nope. Nope. Nope. XO

    1. She has been fired! More to come on that!

  3. Why were you carrying Nadia? Why didn’t you hand her over to the sitter. Of course you need to tell her your expectations, otherwise it is very awkward for her with both of you home and you taking care of the girls, expecting her to jump in. She is young and probably unsure if she should step in. Maybe you need to hire more of a grandmother type who would be comfortable in that situation.

    1. I would totally hire an older women, but none have ever applied to my ads 🙁

  4. Briefly (though hopefully not rudely): YES, you need to spell out your expectations for your nannies and sitters (e.g., what do you allow, what do you expect, what do you forbid, both on the days that you and Eric are there, and on the days when only one of you is home). Parents are very different from each other, and nannies can’t be expected to know how you like to do things.

    On the other hand: any nanny or sitter that turned on the TV to watch her own show would be out of my house immediately. (Granted, I have a no-electronics-for-kids policy during the day. But still! If the children are self-entertaining for a bit, your nanny could clean, or prep food, read a book, plan out activities for the kids….There are acres of things to do that don’t involve the nanny watching adult TV….)

    And yes, your nanny ought to take some initiative–if you don’t tell her things, she should be asking you! About your schedule (or lack thereof), what the kids like to do, what they eat, how you want her to respond if the kids cry for you, what your parenting philosophy is (or if you have one), etc., etc. She should be curious!

    Personally, I’d let her go immediately. (But, that’s me. After tolerating poor nannies out of sheer desperation when my twins were infants–I really couldn’t care for them both myself, even though I was always home–I’ve learned to not tolerate not-good-enough people for longer than it takes to politely point them to the door.)

    1. Thank you for your insight! She has been fired! More to come on that!

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